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PoE 3.22 Transcendence Scion Armor and Resistance Stacker Lightning Strike Ascendant Build

In this Path of Exile Lightning Strike build guide, we will delve into the details of my Transcendence Scion armor and resistance stacker. We will explain how to constructing this build, highlight the changes from the previous league, compare its stats, and discuss what this build can achieve in the current league. Additionally, We will provide insights on how to make this build more PoE Currency budget-friendly for those who might not have access to expensive gear.


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PoE 3.22 Transcendence Scion Armor and Resistance Stacker Lightning Strike Ascendant Build


What is the Transcendence Scion Build?

you may know that I typically create a Scion armor stacker with Doriani's Prototype each league. However, since the 3.21 update, I've been experimenting with a Transcendence build, moving away from Doriani's Prototype and opting for Grasping Mail with specific mods, evasion ratings, and a global defense mod. Transcendence is a keystone obtained from Militant Faith Timeless Jewels, which allows our armor to apply to Elemental damage taken from hits but removes armor's effectiveness against physical damage. We overcome this by converting all our physical damage taken from hits into Elemental damage through various means.


The Versatility of the Build

This Transcendence Scion build is highly versatile and capable of handling various in-game challenges. Whether you want to tank powerful boss slams, tackle Uber encounters, explore deep delves, or engage in endgame content like Maven, this build can do it all. It boasts incredible survivability and damage potential.


Weaknesses and Mitigations

One notable weakness of this build is its vulnerability to damage over time ground degeneration effects. While we are immune to Elemental ailments due to our high elemental resistance, Transcendence reduces our maximum Elemental resistance by 15. Additionally, we use Melding of the Flesh, which reduces our Elemental resistance further by 4. As a result, our maximum Elemental resistance is 76, rather than the usual 90. To mitigate this, we rely on energy shield regeneration and the Soul of Arakaali pantheon for reduced damage over time.


Gearing Up

Let's take a closer look at the gear for this build:

  • Dawnbreaker: Provides 20% of physical damage taken as fire damage, contributing to our physical damage conversion to Elemental.
  • Grasping Mail: The key piece with an open prefix and Global Defense and Over Cap Cold Resistance mods. Crafting this item can be expensive.
  • Watcher's Eye: Ideally, you'll want a Watcher's Eye with two mods, such as Double Purity, which can be costly.
  • Sorcerer Gloves: These gloves replace the Calm Spirit rage gloves, providing more sustainability against damage over time effects.
  • Other Gear: You'll need energy shield-focused gear and jewelry with resistances and attributes.


Budget Considerations

This build can be expensive due to the physical to Elemental conversion items required. To make it more budget-friendly, consider omitting the Global Defense mod from the Grasping Mail. You can still achieve excellent damage output and survivability without this mod.


Skill Gem Links

Here are the skill gem links used in this build:

  • Lightning Strike: Replace Ancestral Call with Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks if not using Calm Spirit gloves.
  • Leap Slam: For mobility.
  • Auras: Purity of Elements, Wrath, Determination, and Enlighten.
  • Smite: Boosts your damage output.
  • Discipline: For additional energy shield.
  • Support Gems: Various support gems to maximize your damage.


Adjusting the Build

Depending on your gear and preferences, you can make modifications to the build, such as choosing the Point Blank keystone or using different keystones for stun immunity.



The Transcendence Scion Ascendant Armor and Resistance Stacker is a versatile and powerful Lightning Strike build capable of taking on a wide range of endgame content in Path of Exile. While it may require some investment, there are ways to make it more Poe Currency budget-friendly without compromising too much on performance. Experiment with different variations and gear to find the right balance for your playstyle.

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