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Path of Exile 3.22 Currency Profitable Cemetery Map Strategy

In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, players are constantly on the lookout for effective Poe Currency Farming strategies to maximize their in-game profits. If you've been curious about a map strategy that's both lucrative and doesn't break the bank, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore a successful Cemetery map strategy that doesn't require an exorbitant investment but can still yield impressive results.


Atlas Tree:


Path of Exile 3.22 Currency Profitable Cemetery Map Strategy


Testing the Strategy

Before diving into the details of the strategy, it's essential to mention that we've conducted numerous tests to ensure its effectiveness. We've experimented with different maps, modifiers, and strategies to arrive at this profitable approach. Our goal was to strike a balance between cost-efficiency and potential returns, and the results have been promising.


The Map Choice

For this strategy, we've chosen the Cemetery map as our battleground. We ran a total of 28 Cemetery maps to gauge its performance, and the results left us impressed. While it may not match the raw potential of some high-end maps like Crimson Temple, it offers consistent returns at a fraction of the cost.


Map Preparation

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to prepare your Cemetery maps for this strategy:

  • Quality: Start by acquiring a batch of Cemetery maps. Ensure they're all at 20% quality by using Cartographer's Chisels.
  • Rarity: Use an Orb of Alchemy on each map to make them rare, increasing their potential rewards.
  • Modifiers: Carefully choose map modifiers that suit your character's build and survivability. Avoid modifiers like Elemental or Physical Reflect if they pose a significant threat to your character. Prioritize modifiers that enhance your quantity and rarity stats.
  • Sextants: Invest in sextants to further boost your map's potential. We recommend using additional Legion, Mirror of Delirium, plus two strong boxes, and Beyond sextants for optimal results.
  • Scarabs: Utilize Divination Scarabs, Ambush Scarabs, Reliquary Scarabs, and Polished Legion Scarabs to enhance your map's rewards. While Gilded Scarabs are the best, Polished Legion Scarabs are the optimal choice for this strategy to keep it manageable.


The Skill Tree

Your character's skill tree should be tailored to maximize your magic find capabilities and survivability. Prioritize nodes that boost quantity, rarity, and the effectiveness of modifiers on your map. We've chosen to skip the Wandering Path node, but you can experiment and see if it suits your playstyle.


Running the Maps

With your Cemetery maps prepared and your character optimized, it's time to venture into the fray. Activate your sextants, scarabs, and choose additional map modifiers as mentioned earlier. Consider adding other league mechanics for extra loot and challenge.


Results and Rewards

Running Cemetery maps with this strategy can be highly rewarding. In our tests, we obtained valuable items, including divine orbs, stack decks, unique maps, and more. The overall value of the loot far exceeded the initial investment, making this strategy a lucrative choice.



If you're looking for a cost-effective map strategy that consistently delivers impressive returns, the Cemetery map strategy is an excellent choice. It strikes a balance between affordability and profitability, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Give it a try, optimize your character, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in Path of Exile.

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