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PoE Rational Doctrine Jewel: Cheap Currency Bow Tornado Shot Deadeye Build Guides

In this Path of Exile build guide, we will explore a lesser-known jewel called Rational Doctrine that introduces a new dimension to character power and versatility. This jewel is fascinating for those who favour bow builds, especially Rangers, as it offers intriguing possibilities for enhancing your character's abilities without requiring Poe Currency. Let's delve into the details of this unique jewel and how it can significantly impact your gameplay.


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PoE Rational Doctrine Jewel: Cheap Currency Bow Tornado Shot Deadeye Build Guides


Introduction to Rational Doctrine Jewel

Rational Doctrine is a synthesized Cobalt Jewel in Path of Exile, themed for The Inquisitor, an ascendency class situated at the opposite end of the skill tree. The challenge with utilizing this jewel lies in its attribute requirements, demanding more strength and intelligence than dexterity, making it seemingly incompatible with Ranger builds. However, with the advent of the tattoo system introduced in the latest league, this jewel has become accessible and can offer a substantial boost to specific builds.


Jewel Attributes and Requirements

To unlock the full potential of the Rational Doctrine Jewel, you need to meet certain attribute stipulations:

  • Strength: Should be the highest attribute.
  • Intelligence: Should be higher than dexterity.
  • Dexterity: Must be the lowest attribute.

Achieving this attribute arrangement allows you to activate the jewel's effects.


Rational Doctrine Jewel Effects

The Rational Doctrine Jewel bestows several effects based on your attribute distribution:

  • Consecrated Ground: You gain consecrated ground while stationary if your strength is your highest attribute. This grants a 5% increased life regen and reduces curse effectiveness by 50%.
  • Profane Ground: Activates if intelligence is your highest attribute, applying profane ground. This mechanic reduces enemy resistances by 10% across the board and grants you effectively 100% increased Critical Strike chance against affected enemies.
  • Lingering Effects: Both consecrated and profane ground effects linger for four seconds, ensuring a sustained impact on your character and enemies.


How to Optimize Your Build

To effectively utilize the Rational Doctrine Jewel, you'll need to carefully balance your attributes. 

Here's a strategy to achieve the necessary attribute distribution:

  • Tattoo System: Utilize the tattoo system to optimize your dexterity attribute, ensuring it's the lowest among the three.
  • Equipment and Passives: Use specific equipment and passive skills to manipulate strength and intelligence, aligning them as required by the jewel.
  • Medium Clusters and Notable Passives: Invest in medium clusters and notable passives that provide strength, intelligence, and dexterity in a way that fulfills the jewel's criteria.


Demonstrating the Impact

In a real gameplay scenario, the Rational Doctrine Jewel showcases its power with consistent consecrated ground and periodic profane ground, significantly enhancing your character's survivability and damage output. This impact is particularly potent against bosses and in challenging encounters, providing a noticeable boost to your overall performance.



The Rational Doctrine Jewel is an example of how innovative combinations of attributes and the introduction of new systems can unlock powerful synergies in Path of Exile. Experiment with this jewel and tailor your build to maximize its benefits, adapting your attribute distribution and skill tree to create a potent and unique character. Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries and build guides as we continue to explore the depths of Path of Exile's ever-evolving gameplay.

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