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Path of Exile Mapping Strategy: Harbinger Farming Currency with Maven Sextant

Are you looking for a new and entertaining way to map in Path of Exile? Perhaps you want a strategy that not only offers fun but can also be profitable? Look no further; we're here to introduce you to the exciting world of Harbinger farming with the new Maven Sextant node.


Atlas Passive Tree:


Path of Exile Mapping Strategy: Harbinger Farming Currency with Maven Sextant


The Maven Sextant Node

First, let's dive into what makes this strategy tick. The key element is the Maven Sextant node, a recent addition to the game that introduces extra bosses to your maps. But it doesn't stop there; when combined with a specific Sextant, these extra bosses start dropping valuable Harbinger shards and PoE currency shards.


Here's a breakdown of the essential components:

  • Maven Sextant Node: Adds extra bosses to your maps.
  • Specific Sextant: Causes these extra bosses to drop Harbinger shards and currency shards.


The Strategy

To make the most of this strategy, follow these steps:

  • Acquire Harbinger Sextants: You'll need to purchase Harbinger Sextants, which cost around 150 chaos each. Each Sextant provides 16 maps.
  • Prepare Your Maps: Ideally, you'll want to run Shaper maps in formed rotations. While Elder Slayer rotations are an option, formed rotations are often preferred due to lower expenses and smoother fights. Formed rotations result in one less boss, but they are generally more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Calculate Expenses: Let's break down the costs for 16 maps:
  • Map Cost: Approximately 12 chaos each (16 maps).
  • Sextant Cost: 150 chaos.
  • Formed Map Cost: Around 145 chaos each (you'll need 4 for 16 maps).
  • Sacrifice Fragments: Assuming 1 chaos for every 4 fragments, add 16 chaos.
  • Gilded Harbinger Scarabs: About 80 chaos for 16 maps.


The total expenses come to approximately 1120 chaos for 16 maps.

  • Running the Maps: Within these 16 maps, you'll generally receive two Maven orbs, providing an income of 2.6 exalted orbs or 2.6 divines.
  • Invitations and Shaper Maps: On average, you'll receive approximately four Shaper map invitations within 16 maps, covering the cost of the formed maps.
  • Map Drops: You'll also receive random maps and currency drops within the maps, contributing to your profit.
  • Currency Shards: In 16 maps, you can expect to gather around 18 orbs of annulment and 15 orbs of ancient orbs. This currency shard income amounts to roughly 1.5 to 2 divines.
  • Exalted Orbs: You may find about two to three exalted orbs in 16 maps, which is approximately 0.2 divines.
  • Fracturing Shards: Expect to gather two to three fracturing shards, contributing another divine to your profit.
  • Awakened Gems: Occasionally, you'll receive an awakened support gem, potentially worth 0.5 divines.


In total, running 16 maps with this strategy can yield approximately 3.8 to 4 divines in profit. This estimate includes Maven orbs, Shaper maps, random map drops, currency shards, exalted orbs, fracturing shards, and awakened gems. Keep in mind that this strategy is both entertaining and profitable, with the possibility of striking it big with rare drops like Mirror Shards.


Ideal Builds for Harbinger Farming

To maximize efficiency with this strategy, it's advisable to use fast-clearing builds like zoom builds. Examples include:

  • Lightning Warp Arrows
  • Flicker Strike
  • Blade Vortex
  • Tornado Shot

These builds excel at quickly moving from Harbinger to Harbinger, ensuring that you can complete as many maps as possible in an hour.


Magic Find Not Required

One unique aspect of this strategy is that it isn't affected by the quantity of items found on your gear. Harbingers aren't influenced by traditional magic find mechanics. Instead, area quantity seems to impact the drop rates of Harbingers.



Harbinger farming Currency with the Maven Sextant is an exciting and profitable mapping strategy in Path of Exile. While it may not always result in massive profits, it offers consistent returns and the potential for rare drops. Plus, it's an engaging and enjoyable way to experience the game. So, if you're in the mood for a fun and rewarding mapping adventure, give Harbinger farming with the Maven Sextant a try. You might just find yourself hooked on this unique strategy.

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