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Poe 3.22 Starting Strong with 10 Divines Tornado Shot Deadeye Build

In this Poe Builds, we'll be delving into the world of Path of Exile, specifically focusing on a Tornado Shot character with a starting budget of around 10 POE Divines. we'll explore different strategies and gradually improve the character as we progress. If you've ever struggled with Tornado Shot or are wondering if your old builds and articles are still viable, this guides you through the changes and optimizations. You can follow along and build the same character, upgrading it step by step.



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Poe 3.22 Starting Strong with 10 Divines Tornado Shot Deadeye Build



Ricochet, Endless Munitions, Gathering Winds, Focal Point



  • Bow: Ideally, look for a bow with around 800 Elemental DPS, 8% base crit chance, and a base attack speed of 1.55 attacks per second. A 5-link bow is sufficient.
  • Helmet: Prioritize a helmet with Grace and increased Mana reservation efficiency. Craft it with life and Fizz taken as fire for your implicit.
  • Quiver: Seek a quiver with substantial projectile speed, attack speed, crit multi, and either flat damage or life.
  • Amulet: Use Harry's Truth and allocate expertise for 30 dexterity.
  • Rings: Aim for Mana cost on both rings to sustain your skills. Prioritize damage and resistances.
  • Chest Piece: A 6-link Lightning Coil provides 50% physical damage taken as lightning, offering significant defenses.
  • Gloves: These can be costly but provide extra damage. Look for ones with increased damage against chilled enemies and attack speed.
  • Belt: Find a fractured belt with damage and attack base and use chaos resistance Essences to balance resistances.
  • Boots: Standard life, movement speed, and resistances are sufficient.
  • Flasks: Recommended flasks include Atziri's Promise, a Jade flask with evasion, a Diamond flask with crit chance, a quicksilver flask with attack speed, and a life flask.


Skill Tree

  • Focus on typical bow cluster nodes, crit nodes, and critical strike chance against blinded enemies.
  • Consider taking movement speed nodes for map clearing speed.
  • Allocate strength and intelligence as needed on gear and the tree to support gem requirements.



  • Use an 8-passive cluster jewel like Calamitous Fuels the Fight for big damage.
  • Slot in Streamlined and Repeater medium cluster jewels for additional passives.
  • Aim for attack speed, life, and crit stats on other jewels.



Anoint a 30 dexterity node and add The Berserker on it for Onslaught on hit.


Gem Links

  • Main 6-link: Tornado Shot, Increased Crit Damage, Inspiration, GMP (Greater Multiple Projectiles), Trinity Support, and Elemental Damage with Attacks.
  • Use a 5-link setup for additional projectiles: Lightning Arrow, Ensnaring Arrow, Manifold Arrows, Burning Arrow, and Inspiration.
  • In your bow, set up a 5-link Manifold setup: Lightning Arrow, Power Charge on Crit, Inspiration, Manifold Arrows, and Frenzy.
  • Cast Aura and Marks: Purity of Elements, Sniper's Mark, Lifetap Support, and Mark.


Atlas Strategy

Atlas Tree

  • Prioritize Mausoleum and Glacier maps for Ultra farming.
  • Allocate all map drop nodes and Shrine nodes.
  • Care Act nodes are optional and can be considered for boss rushing strategies.


Playstyle and Currency Farming

  • Run Mausoleum and Glacier maps for currency farming.
  • Always select the Minion reward option on Alters for guaranteed currency.
  • Every 14th and 28th map, consider killing the boss for a valuable invitation drop (Searing Exile's Invitation).
  • Keep your map tab organized with Mausoleum and Glacier maps for efficient farming.



We've covered gear choices, skill tree allocation, Atlas strategy, and currency farming. The goal is to gradually improve our character and explore more advanced mapping strategies as we accumulate currency. 

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