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How to Use PoE 3.22 New Support Gems in Meta Build?

In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, introducing new support gems can drastically change how players approach character builds. While some might argue that all builds seem the same at times, it's essential to remember that it's not just about the skill itself but how you build your character around it. In this article, we'll explore how the latest support gems have the potential to break the meta, creating new archetypes and reshaping existing ones.


Sacrifice Support: Embracing the Life Stackers

How to Use PoE 3.22 New Support Gems in Meta Build?

One of the standout support gems in the Trial of the Ancestors league is Sacrifice Support. This gem allows players to sacrifice a portion of their life by casting a spell, in return gaining flat added chaos damage based on the life sacrificed. The more life you have, the more potent the sacrifice, leading to the rise of a life-stacking archetype.

Previously, there was limited support for life stacking in Path of Exile. While some items like the Wrathpith Globe and Dissolution of the Flesh provided support, there wasn't a dedicated life-stacking build. However, Sacrifice Support changed this by effectively converting players' life pool into damage. Life stackers now utilize both Wrathpith Globe and Dissolution of the Flesh to maximize their damage potential.


Notable Builds Utilizing Sacrifice Support

  • Pathfinder Sacrifice Blade Vortex: A build that capitalizes on the life stacking mechanic by using Sacrifice Support and gaining significant added chaos damage. This build revolves around Blade Vortex and focuses on scaling life for damage.
  • Occultist Hexblast: A unique life stacking Hexblast build that creates a new archetype. By utilizing Hexblast, this build leverages the lowest resistance of enemies, ensuring consistent damage output.
  • Occultist Dark Pact: Another Occultist build, this time combining Dark Pact and Hexblast for unconventional damage. The Forbidden Shako and Ice Bite are used for massive flat damage.


Flamewood Totem: Igniting the Battlefield

Flamewood Totem initially faced challenges due to a bug related to its avenging flame mortar projectiles. However, it has the potential to become a new archetype, albeit with a unique playstyle.

Avenging flame projectiles now correctly scale with your accuracy against enemy evasion, making it more reliable. While it's not the primary skill in most builds, it serves as a valuable supporting tool for totem taunt setups, such as Searing Bond or Decoy Totem.

One exciting aspect of Flamewood Totem builds is the potential for ignite damage. By scaling totem life, players can increase the damage of avenging flame's igniting effects, making it an appealing choice for those who enjoy a different playstyle.


Notable Flamewood Totem Builds

  • Ignite Avenging Flame and Righteous Fire: This build combines ignite avenging flame with Righteous Fire, standing still to reduce enemy resistances and deal substantial damage over time.
  • Holy Flame Totem with Avenging Flame Support: A creative setup using Holy Flame Totem to provide additional support for avenging flame. Ignite proliferation and burning damage are key components of this build.


Spellblade Support: Unleashing the Potential

Spellblade Support is a game-changer for cast-on-crit builds, providing a substantial damage boost by converting melee weapon damage to spell damage. It opens up new possibilities for hybrid builds that combine melee and spellcasting.

Inquisitors have found success with this support, utilizing the Wrathpith Globe, Ivory Tower, and stat stacking to create a massive energy shield pool. The synergy with Elemental Relics, Anger, Wrath, and Hatred auras can significantly boost damage output.


Notable Spellblade Support Builds

  • Inquisitor Cast-on-Crit: Inquisitors maximize damage output by stacking energy shield and utilizing a powerful setup with the Wrathpith Globe, Ivory Tower, and stat stacking.
  • Energy Blade Miner with Eye of Winter: A unique take on Spellblade Support, this build combines energy blade scaling with Eye of Winter, exploring the potential for massive damage output.



The introduction of Sacrifice Support, Flamewood Totem, and Spellblade Support has the potential to reshape the Path of Exile meta. These support gems bring new archetypes and playstyles to the forefront while revitalizing existing ones.

Whether you're intrigued by the life stacking potential of Sacrifice Support, the igniting capabilities of Flamewood Totem, or the hybrid melee-spellcasting approach of Spellblade Support, there are exciting options to explore in Path of Exile's Trial of the Ancestors league. As the meta continues to evolve, experimenting with these support gems can lead to innovative and powerful character builds.

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