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PoE 3.22 Poet's Pen Lightning Warp Elementalist Build

In Path of Exile, the Lightning Warp Elementalist build offers a unique playstyle where you utilize Lightning Warp for both movement and damage, reminiscent of the old days of scaling cast speed. However, this time, we're harnessing the power of Poet's Pen to create a fast-paced and exciting build. In this guide, we'll delve into the mechanics, gear requirements, breakpoints, and more to help you master this lightning-quick build.



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Key Mechanics

To make the Lightning Warp Elementalist build effective, you need to focus on key mechanics:

  • Reduced Lightning Warp Duration: Achieve 100% reduced Lightning Warp duration to trigger the spell rapidly. You can obtain 30% from a helmet enchant, 15% from the Anoint Wind Dancer, and additional reduction from the Lightning Warp gem.
  • Cooldown Recovery Rate: Reach a cooldown recovery rate of 153 to cast Lightning Warp 10.10 times per second. Achieve this through various sources like items, nodes, and Watcher's Eye mod.
  • Optimal Attack Speed: Aim for an attack speed of 10.10 attacks per second to maintain smooth gameplay without exceeding the cooldown, ensuring each Lightning Warp triggers effectively.


Gear Overview

Poet's Pen is the core item of this build, allowing you to cast Lightning Warp rapidly. Pair it with suitable support gems to enhance your damage and movement.


- Weapon Setup

  • Main Poet's Pen: Links - Power Charge on Critical, Increased Critical Strikes, Lightning Penetration
  • Off-hand Poet's Pen: Links - Lightning Warp, Inspiration, Increased Critical Strikes


- Other Essential Gear

  • Impulsa's Broken Heart: Enhances clear speed and provides shock proliferation for better chain explosions.
  • Badge of the Brotherhood: Amplifies Frenzy and Power Charges, crucial for maintaining attack speed and damage output.
  • Squire: Off-hand weapon to support main Poet's Pen, with links suitable for your setup.


Additional Gear Tips

  • Tailwind boots provide a crucial 8% more attack speed but avoid the extra Tailwind effect.
  • Aim for gear to achieve the desired attack speed breakpoints and maximize damage and utility.


Achieving Attack Speed Breakpoints

To achieve the optimal attack speed of 10.10 attacks per second, you need to carefully adjust your gear and attack speed sources to hit this crucial breakpoint. Experimentation is key to finding the right balance and gear setup to meet this requirement.


Skill Trees and Ascendancy

Ascendancy - Elementalist

  • Shaper of Storms: Boosts shock effectiveness and provides shock proliferation, enhancing overall damage output.
  • Beacon of Ruin: Increases chill and shock effects, providing additional crowd control and damage potential.


Skill Tree Focus

  • Prioritize nodes that grant power charges and reduce Lightning Warp duration, ensuring efficient spell casting and damage potential.
  • Path towards nodes that amplify attack speed and crit chance, aiding in reaching the desired attack speed breakpoints.



  • Penetrating Power: One of the critical aspects of this build is achieving penetration. Look for items with penetration implicit, as it significantly boosts your damage output.
  • Squire for a 6-Link: Obtain a Squire item to effectively turn your primary skill into a six-link setup, providing more damage and utility.
  • Badge of the Brotherhood: This item is essential for its damage amplification. Aim for 10% cooldown recovery rate for optimal performance.
  • Impulsa's Broken Heart: This unique chest piece will help you clear maps efficiently by causing explosions on enemy kills. It also provides damage and shock effectiveness.
  • Gloves with Shock Spread: Find gloves that enable the spread of shock within a specific radius, preferably 1.7 meters or higher.
  • Rings for Critical Multiplier: Use rings with crit multiplier, which you can obtain by using Deafening Essences of Scorn. Ensure that your rings also help balance your resistances.
  • Reduced Mana Cost: Consider crafting items or using passive nodes that reduce the mana cost of your skills, allowing you to cast more frequently.
  • Darkness Enthroned with Abyss Jewels: This belt is a game-changer. Socket Abyss Jewels with useful mods with Poe Currency like attack speed, damage, and Onslaught during Onslaught.


Passive Tree

  • Power Charges: Prioritize nodes that grant power charges. Accumulating power charges will significantly boost your damage.
  • Cooldown Recovery Rate: Invest in cooldown recovery rate nodes to reduce the downtime of your skills and keep them available more frequently.
  • Spell Suppression: Depending on your playstyle, consider allocating passive nodes and obtaining gear with spell suppression to enhance your survivability.
  • Resistance and Life: Ensure your character's resistances are capped and focus on increasing your life pool for added survivability.
  • Attack Speed with Wands: Look for passive nodes and jewels that provide attack speed with wands. This stat is crucial for optimizing your damage output.
  • Medium Clusters: Utilize medium cluster jewels for additional AoE and power charge generation. Prioritize notable passives like "Towering Threat" and "Vast Power."


Gem Setup

  • Main Skill: Lightning Warp (Anomalous Quality, High Level for Reduced Duration). Supported by Power Charge on Critical, Faster Casting, and Lightning Penetration.
  • Frenzy Skill Setup: Use Frenzy with Faster Attacks to increase your attack speed.
  • Cast on Critical Strike Setup:Set up a Cast on Critical Strike setup with your main spell, such as Kinetic Blast or Power Siphon. Include Increased Critical Strikes, Increased Critical Damage, and Culling Strike.
  • Aura Setup: Haste, Wrath, and Zealotry. Use a level 4 Enlighten support gem to reduce the mana reservation.
  • Immortal Call Setup: Set up Cast when Damage Taken with Immortal Call and Increased Duration to enhance your survivability.
  • Blood Rage and Vortex Setup: Link Blood Rage with Increased Duration to maintain Frenzy charges. Use Vortex linked with Unbound Ailments for added damage and chill effects.
  • Portal Gem: Optional, but convenient for quick travel. You can also use Faster Casting support.


Leveling and Transitioning

  • Leveling: Start by leveling with Storm Brand using a specialized leveling setup. Transition into your main build as you accumulate the required items and skill gems.
  • Gearing: Begin equipping the necessary items and gear as you progress through the campaign. Focus on maintaining resistances and upgrading your wand and chest piece.
  • Skill Gems: Gradually transition your skill gems to match the recommended setup for your final build.


Gameplay Tips

  • Cast Blood Rage at the beginning of each map to generate frenzy charges.
  • Maintain frenzy charges to boost attack speed and help achieve the attack speed breakpoint.
  • Utilize Lightning Warp for both movement and damage, strategically positioning yourself to clear enemies effectively.
  • Experiment with different map strategies, and focus on efficient boss rushing to maximize returns.



The Lightning Warp Elementalist build offers a fast-paced, dynamic playstyle with an emphasis on speed and efficiency. With careful gear selection, understanding breakpoints, and optimizing your skill tree, you can harness the power of Lightning Warp to clear maps swiftly and tackle bosses effectively. Experiment, adjust, and tailor the build to your playstyle for an electrifying Path of Exile experience.

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