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FFXIV All Ultimate Raids Ranking: Which one is the best or the worst in Endwalker?

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, the ultimate raids represent the pinnacle of PvE challenge and teamwork. These epic encounters push players to their limits, demanding not only top-tier performance but also a deep understanding of mechanics and impeccable coordination. As Endwalker approaches, the interest in ultimate raids has surged, and players are eager to know which one to tackle first or which one is the most challenging.



FFXIV All Ultimate Raids Ranking: Which one is the best or the worst in Endwalker?


In this guide, we will rank all five of Final Fantasy XIV's ultimate raids from worst to best, providing insights into each encounter's unique qualities and recommendations on when to take on these epic challenges. 


1. The Weapon's Refrain (Ultima Weapon)

The Weapon's Refrain, often referred to as Ultima Weapon, is considered the weakest ultimate Raid in FFXIV. This Raid was designed with streamers in mind, aiming to provide a collective surprise and discovery experience. However, over time, the mystery surrounding the Raid has dissipated as guides and strategies have become readily available.

FFXIV The Weapon's Refrain Ultimate Screenshot

The fight's mechanics, including those involving Titan and Ultima Weapon, still demand coordination and progression. However, it has been criticized for feeling more like an enhanced Savage raid rather than a truly grand ultimate experience. Garuda's phase, in particular, has been criticized for its late awakening, which doesn't significantly impact the fight.


Despite its shortcomings, The Weapons Refrain offers unique mechanics and challenging aspects. It's an excellent entry point for players looking to try an ultimate raid for the first time, but don't expect it to match the grandeur of other ultimates.


2. DragonSong's Reprise

DragonSong's Reprise was originally slated for release in patch 5.5 but arrived in patch 6.1. It's a controversial choice for fourth place due to the writer's personal bias. While it has its merits, the Raid has certain aspects that some players may find frustrating.

FFXIV DragonSong's Reprise Ultimate Screenshot

The fight's phase zero can be tedious, and phase one, despite being mechanically sound, can be frustrating to repeat. Phase two, however, is considered an executional masterpiece. The subsequent phases have their moments, but some portions, like the eyes and time rewind, can feel unengaging and uninteresting.


The length of Dragon Song's Reprise, including phase zero, can make it exhausting. Additionally, the Raid's numerous phases with minimal mechanics overlap can feel like a constant relearning process. Despite these drawbacks, it's a viable choice for players looking for a challenging experience after completing other ultimate raids.


3. The Epic of Alexander

The Epic of Alexander takes the third spot on our list, but it's a surprising top choice for the writer. This ultimate Raid captures the essence of Alexander, one of Final Fantasy's iconic bosses. While it lacks some of the thematic elements of the Alexander raids, it compensates with engaging mechanics.

FFXIV The Epic of Alexander Ultimate Screenshot

Phase one and two present substantial challenges, including potential wipes due to random crits, tank vulnerabilities, and limited cut mechanics. Phase three introduces a thrilling dance, especially the Wormhole mechanic. While challenging, it's manageable.


The transition into the final phase is a highlight of the Raid, and the last moments of the fight are exhilarating. The Epic of Alexander maintains its difficulty, even with gear progression. Its consistent difficulty curve and lack of extreme frustration make it an excellent choice for those new to ultimate raids.


4. The Unending Coil of Bahamut

The Unending Coil of Bahamut holds a special place in FFXIV history as the first ultimate Raid. While it has been outscaled by gear, it remains a favourite among veteran players. Its phases are well-designed, and each presents its own unique challenges.

FFXIV The Unending Coil of Bahamut Ultimate Screenshot

Phase one and two offer satisfying coordination and execution challenges, often leading to wipes due to various mechanics. Phase three brings Bahamut and the previous bosses together for intricate patterns of attacks. Phase four, featuring both phase one and two bosses simultaneously, is considered the hardest and most rewarding phase.


The final phase offers a beautiful transition, although it has become more forgiving with time and gear. Despite its scaling issues, The Unending Coil of Bahamut remains a beloved ultimate raid. It's recommended to attempt this Raid either first or second, as it sets the standard for what ultimate raids should be.


5. The Omega Protocol

The Omega Protocol takes the fifth spot on our list due to its intense mechanics and permutation-heavy nature. The Raid focuses solely on Omega and offers fast-paced mechanics with multiple possible permutations to keep players engaged.

FFXIV The Omega Protocol Ultimate Screenshot

However, the mental fortitude required to track these permutations can be exhausting. The Raid offers little respite, and even experienced players need to stay fully focused to handle any unexpected situations. It's considered one of the more challenging ultimate raids in terms of mental strain.


Despite its difficulties, The Omega Protocol provides an exhilarating experience, especially during phase transitions. It's recommended to attempt this raid third, after experiencing others, to appreciate its complexity and intensity fully.




In summary, ranking FFXIV's ultimate raids from worst to best is subjective and based on various factors, including personal bias, mechanics, and player experience. Each ultimate Raid offers its unique challenges and thrills, catering to different playstyles and preferences.


Whether you're a veteran raider or new to ultimate content, these raids provide the pinnacle of challenge in FFXIV. Consider the recommendations and choose the Raid that best aligns with your goals and preferences, and remember that clearing any ultimate raid is a significant achievement to be proud of in the world of Eorzea.

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