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What Are the Rewards and Achievements in ESO Update 40 Endless Archive?

Hey there, fellow gamers! The PTS for Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 patch is live and kicking, and there's a lot to explore. Among the many new features, one that immediately caught our attention is the plethora of rewards that await us in the upcoming endless PvE Arena, the Endless Archive. This article we'll dive into the various rewards you can earn from the Endless Archive, including items, currency, and achievements.


What Are the Rewards and Achievements in ESO Update 40 Endless Archive?



Endless Archive is a new PvE Arena that will be accessible to all players as part of the base game in Update 40. As you delve deeper into the Endless Archive, you'll not only face tougher enemies but also have an increasing chance of receiving valuable rewards. In a recent developer stream, this was demonstrated as the developers acquired more of the Endless Archive's unique currency known as Archival Fortunes.


Archival Fortunes

Archival Fortunes are the primary ESO currency you'll earn in the Endless Archive. They can be spent at The Watcher Merchants, conveniently located in the index of the Endless Archive. ESO Plus members enjoy a 10% bonus on all Archival Fortunes they earn.


Here's what you can purchase with Archival Fortunes:

Item Description
Consumables These consumables grant additional versatility within the Endless Archive.
Permanent Upgrades Supportive upgrades for players participating in the Endless Archive.
Gearboxes Curated and uncurated gearboxes containing items from class sets.
Crafting Materials Boxes and sacks of profession-related crafting materials.
Unique Furnishings Decorative items that align with the aesthetic of the Endless Archive.
Lock Box A box containing gold.


All items obtained with Archival Fortunes are bound on pickup, except for the crafting materials, which can be traded.


Tezer's Inventory

Tezer offers a continually rotating set of items weekly. This inventory can include:


  • Treasure maps.
  • Antiquity leads.
  • Monster set style pages.
  • Companion gearboxes.
  • Lorebook furnishings.
  • Assorted achievement and public dungeon fragments (note: all items appear to be bound on pickup on the PTS).


Keep in mind that all these items are bound to be pickup on the PTS, preventing players from selling them to others.


Achievement Rewards

Completing various achievements related to the Endless Archive unlocks unique rewards. Here's what you can earn through achievements:


  • Butcher Hayfall's Curse Knife (Memento) - Obtained after completing the Leading the Charge achievement, unlocked after completing four other achievements related to defeating cycle bosses.
  • Malkahess' Cursed Mirror (Memento) - Earned by completing the I got Samora achievement, which involves three other achievements related to offensive, defensive, and utility Visions.
  • Summoned Booknado (Memento) - Obtained upon completing the Give me Samora achievement, earned after completing three achievements related to acquiring offensive, defensive, and utility Visions.
  • Malagraphic Mount - Earned by completing the Icra Most Malevolent achievement, which requires acquiring and using 50 malagraphic icers.
  • Skeever (Non-combat pet) - Acquired by completing the Scheming Skivers achievement, necessitating the acquisition and use of 25 disgusting spoils.
  • Mariscry Body Markings - Earned by completing the Endless Archive Challenger achievement, which involves various achievements related to the Endless Archive, including defeating Thoat Replicanum 50 times.
  • Mirror Scribe Face Markings - Acquired through the That's Enough of Those achievement, which demands defeating Thoat Replicanum 50 times.
  • Shattered Mirror Maze Body Markings - Obtained by completing the Walk Through the Mirror Maze achievement, which requires acquiring and using 20 erroneous archive maps.
  • Shattered Mirror Maze Face Markings - Earned by completing the Peer Into the Mirror achievement, which involves acquiring and using 20 unreliable archive maps.



The rewards offered by the Endless Archive are diverse and appealing to different types of players. Some players may appreciate the aesthetic of unique furnishings and achievement rewards, while others might be drawn to the class sets and consumables. However, a few considerations should be noted:

  • Exclusive Rewards: Some players might wish for more exclusive items available only in the Endless Archive, similar to Imperial City or Cyrodiil vendors who sell primarily exclusive items.
  • Achievement Grind: Some of the achievement rewards require substantial effort, which might not be as satisfying as rewards that are less flashy, like mementoes and body markings.



In total, the rewards in the Endless Archive offer a variety of enticing options, catering to different player preferences. While some may find the grind for certain achievements a bit daunting for relatively less flashy rewards, others may relish the opportunity to acquire unique items and class sets. Ultimately, your motivation to venture into the Endless Archive may depend on your personal gaming style and goals.

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