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FFXIV Top 10 Scholar Weapons: How Can You Obtain Them?

Scholars, masters of both healing and arcane knowledge, wield unique and visually captivating books as their primary weapons in FFXIV. In this guide, we will unveil the top 10 most awe-inspiring Scholar weapons and provide you with detailed insights on how to obtain them. Each weapon on this list boasts its own distinct design, combining elements of magic and elegance to perfectly complement the Scholar's role in the world of Eorzea. Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of Scholar weapon, where every book tells a tale of power and wisdom.


FFXIV Top 10 Scholar Weapons: How Can You Obtain Them?


Top 10. Ifrit's Codex & Law of Eleven

These books are ignited by Elemental Parts representing the Primal, yet they maintain a minimalistic design that doesn't overwhelm them. The Ifrit's Codex can be obtained from the hard mode of the Ifrit trial, while the Law of Eleven can be acquired by duelling Ramuh. Both are accessible with a level 90 character.

How to Obtain: Hard mode Ifrit and Ramuh trials


Top 9. Fae's Crown Codex

Fae's Crown Codex offers a simpler design compared to Titania's crafted weapon. You can obtain it by venturing into Castrum Abania, a level 69 Stormblood dungeon, or opt for the Faik Codex as a color alternative from the level 73 Shadowbringers dungeon. These books combine playful elements that complement the Scholar's fairy servant.

How to Obtain: Castrum Abania (Level 69) or Don Meg (Level 73 dungeon)


Top 8. Ktiseos Codex

The Ktiseos Codex offers a unique illusion effect, and while it may be a remodelled weapon, its original remains a mystery. Obtain it by progressing through the Ant Walker main scenario quest to access Kaitsiss's Hyperborea, a level 87 dungeon. The book's design is particularly intriguing as it appears differently from various angles.

How to Obtain: Kaitsiss's Hyperborea (Level 87 dungeon)


Top 7. Omega Codex 

The Omega Codex is visually stunning, with its energy-filled triangle and ornamented frame. It can be obtained from the Stormlight Savage encounter and is a beautiful weapon option that stands on its own, not overshadowed by its ultimate sibling.

How to Obtain: Stormlight Savage encounter


Top 6. Anabasis Lux

The Anabasis Lux and its Luxe version boast fairy or angelic wings spiralling around the top end. These weapons exude elegance and are adorned with particle effects that enhance their beauty. You can obtain them through the Anabasis Relic questline.

How to Obtain: Anabasis Relic questline


Top 5. Holy Key of Titan & Holy Q of Tremors

These Scholar weapons, inspired by Ifrit and Titan, feature striking yellow energy waves on dark, bold pages. The Holy Q of Tremors, the crafted version, retains a subtlety that doesn't overwhelm, making it a great choice for Scholar players.

How to Obtain: Titan Hard Mode (Normal) and Crafting


Top 4. Academos Recollection

The Akademos Recollection features delicate butterflies on the book's edge and magical circles on its back. This scholarly weapon radiates an ancient, scholarly aura, making it a worthy addition to your arsenal.

How to Obtain: Shadowbringers Relic questline


Top 3. Organum Animus

The Organum Animus boasts large translucent fairy wings on the back, perfectly complementing the Scholar's traits and companions. While it may require a significant grind, its captivating design is worth the effort.

How to Obtain: Stormblood Eureka Anemos


Top 2. Augmented Hellhound Codex

This weapon is a must-have for those who appreciate a Diablo-inspired aesthetic. The ornamented feather holder and glowing runes make the Augmented Hellhound Codex a standout choice. Achieving the diamond rank in PvP is challenging but doable with persistence.

How to Obtain: PvP Ranked Crystalline Conflict


Top 1. Killer Grimoire Codex

Topping our list is the Killer Grimoire Codex. With its Diablo-inspired design, it's a remarkable Scholar weapon. Its ornate feather holder and runic motifs make it truly exceptional. To acquire this weapon, you'll first need to obtain the Augmented Hellhound Codex and then upgrade it.

How to Obtain: Augmented Hellhound Codex


Honorable Mentions

Although these weapons didn't make the top 10, they deserve recognition for their impressive designs:

  • Ultimate Weapons from various ultimate encounters.
  • Crafted Primal weapons like the True Codex of Ice (Shiva) and Magnificent Moctone.
  • Heavensward trial weapon Song of the Demon.
  • Tsukuyomi's Moonlit Codex from Stormblood.
  • Shadowbringers' final Relic stage, Blade's Wisdom.



While the list includes some challenging weapons to obtain, each one offers a unique and stunning design. Choose the Scholar weapon that best suits your style and let it represent you and your trusty fairy companion in all your adventures in Eorzea. Thank you for reading, and may your scholarly pursuits in Final Fantasy XIV be filled with glory and success!

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