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Poe Mirror of Kalandra Guide: Mastering Mirror Shard Farming for Raw Mirrors

In the vast and intricate world of Path of Exile, there's nothing quite as coveted as the elusive Mirror of Kalandra. Whether you want to flex your in-game resume or simply revel in the thrill of extreme luck, acquiring a raw Mirror of Kalandra is a noteworthy achievement. In this guide, we will delve into an unconventional PoE currency strategy to target farm mirror shards, giving you a shot at that ultimate treasure.



Poe Mirror of Kalandra Guide: Mastering Mirror Shard Farming for Raw Mirrors


The Mirror Shard Farming Strategy

While most players are busy farming mirror shards through cards or encountering Harbinger mobs one chart at a time, we propose a different approach. Our method aims to farm mirror shards in bulk, focusing on locations in the game marked with the Harbinger logo as rewards. Here are some key locations to consider:

  • Blighted Ravage Maps: Proven to drop mirror shards, these maps have gained recognition for their shard yields.
  • Delirium Orbs: During Delirium map runs, some players have reported obtaining mirror shards. The drop rate here might be lower but is still worth considering.
  • Simulacrum: While not confirmed, there have been reports of mirror shards dropping during Simulacrum runs.
  • Delirium Mirrors: Mirror shards may drop from randomly spawned Delirium mirrors. Though not confirmed, it's a possibility.


Farming Mirror Shards in Bulk

Farming mirror shards efficiently requires a structured approach. Due to the variability in rewards from Blight, Delirium, and Simulacrum encounters, we recommend focusing on Delirium Orb farming. This strategy offers consistent rewards, making it the most viable option.


Delirium Orb Farming

To maximize your chances, consider the following:

  • High Mob Count: Farm 100 Delirium maps with a high mob count. This not only increases your mirror shard drop rate but also capitalizes on the inherent 50% quantity bonus these maps offer.
  • Invest in Delirium Orbs: Invest in Delirium Orbs to juice up your maps. Beyond Sextants, Faster Deli Sextants, and random scarabs are essential for boosting your rewards.


How Rare Are Mirror Shards?

Determining the rarity of mirror shards is challenging due to their low drop rates. Three possible methods have been proposed:

  • Chris's Estimate: Chris mentioned that mirrors dropped roughly once every one to three days. This could translate to a drop rate of one mirror per 26 million kills, based on Reddit calculations.
  • Stack Deck Odds: Using data from seven years bad luck (mirror shard card) and Porcupine cards (exalted orb card), it's estimated that mirrors are 849 times rarer than exalted orbs.
  • Snoo's Data: Content creator Snoo farmed 1000 heavily juiced Crimson Temple maps and found that mirrors are 6127 times rarer than T1 currencies based on his results.


Calculating Profitability

To determine if farming raw mirrors is worth your time, consider the following factors:

  • Divine Per Hour Goal: Aim for 10+ divines per hour, which is considered a strong farming strategy.
  • Costs: Delirium orbs can be expensive, especially if this strategy becomes popular. Factoring in costs like Beyond Sextants, Faster Deli Sextants, and scarabs, the total cost per map is roughly 0.8 divines.
  • Revenue: You'll accumulate exalted orbs, annulment orbs, ancient orbs, and other valuable currency items from Harbinger rewards, breaches, and beyond encounters.



Depending on your beliefs about Path of Exile drop rates, this strategy can yield anywhere from 1.4 to 17 divines per hour. It's essential to remember that farming mirror shards is a game of large numbers. Personal testing and data collection will be crucial in determining the true profitability of this method. As someone who has had success with this strategy, I can attest to the excitement of being in the multiple mirror drop club. Good luck, and may the mirrors shine upon your path in Path of Exile!

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