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How to Identifying Path of Exile Items Valuable?

Identifying items in Path of Exile can be a daunting task, especially for newer players. Knowing which items are valuable, which ones to sell to other players, which ones to vendors, and which ones to keep for your own character can be a complex and challenging endeavor. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you navigate this intricate aspect of the game. While item identification is a skill that improves with experience, we will offer some fundamental guidelines and practical examples to set you on the right path.


How to Identifying Path of Exile Items Valuable?


The Importance of a Loot Filter

Before delving into item identification, it's crucial to understand the significance of using a well-configured loot filter. A proper loot filter will streamline your item identification process by highlighting valuable items and hiding irrelevant ones. It is essential to tailor your loot filter to your character's needs and the current league mechanics. A good loot filter will significantly reduce the number of items you need to identify, allowing you to focus on the most promising ones.


Unique Items

Unique items in Path of Exile often have fixed values and are primarily valued for their rarity. Your loot filter will help you identify valuable unique items, but it's essential to keep an eye out for exceptional rolls on certain uniques, which can significantly impact their value. For instance, unique items like Ventor's Gamble can vary greatly in value based on their attributes like quantity and rarity. Learning the nuances of unique item pricing comes with experience and knowledge of the trade market.


Rare Items

Rare items are where most of your item identification efforts will be concentrated. Identifying valuable rare items involves considering the type of item you've found and understanding what stats are desirable for that item. Here are some key considerations for different item types:

  • Belts: Look for belts with high life and resistances. Additional utility stats like reduced flask charges used or increased flask duration can greatly increase their value.
  • Gloves: Desirable stats for gloves include high life, resistances, and open prefixes for crafting. Look for gloves with bonuses to attack speed, life regeneration rate, or suppression.
  • Boots: Boots with movement speed, life, resistances, and stats are valuable. Movement speed is crucial for mobility, and stats like strength or dexterity can be useful for meeting attribute requirements for skills.
  • Rings and Amulets: Life, resistances, and stats are essential for both rings and amulets. Rings can also benefit from damage modifiers, while amulets often have valuable implicit modifiers like additional skill levels or unique modifiers like +1 to all skill gems.
  • Helmets: Look for helmets with high life, resistances, and open prefixes for crafting. Helmets can be especially valuable with bonuses to area of effect skill gems or projectile skill gems.
  • Body Armor: High life and resistances are essential for body armor. Items with the "physical damage taken as fire and lightning" modifier can be particularly valuable for certain builds.



  • Physical Weapons: When evaluating physical weapons, focus on their physical damage per second (PDPS). Weapons with high PDPS are generally valuable. Pay attention to flat physical damage, percentage physical damage, and attack speed modifiers on these items.
  • Caster Weapons: For caster weapons, look for bonuses to spell gems, elemental damage, cast speed, and damage over time modifiers. Items with +1 to specific spell gems can be highly sought after.
  • Elemental Weapons: Elemental weapons like bows with high elemental damage are valuable. Crafted modifiers, such as additional socketed gem levels, can significantly enhance their worth.



Shields with high maximum resistances, open prefixes, and valuable implicit modifiers like "increased skill effect duration" can be valuable for certain builds.

Energy Shield-based shields can have bonuses to specific skill gems like fire, cold, or lightning, making them attractive to spellcasters.


Quick Item Evaluation Techniques

Develop a sense of which items are worth investigating further. Items with multiple desirable modifiers or unique combinations are more likely to be valuable.

Use crafting methods to improve items. For example, annulment orbs can remove unwanted modifiers, allowing you to craft better ones. Crafting benches can also be used to augment items.

Don't be afraid to miss good items. Everyone misses valuable items at times. Over time, you'll become better at identifying valuable items, but it's okay to make mistakes.

When selling items, consider Poe Currency pricing them competitively. Underselling early in a league can still be profitable, and you'll help other players progress.



Identifying items in Path of Exile is a skill that evolves with experience. By following the guidelines and techniques outlined in this guide, you'll become more proficient at recognizing valuable items, making wise decisions about what to keep, sell, or craft, and ultimately enhancing your gameplay experience in this complex and rewarding action RPG. Remember, practice and patience are key to mastering the art of item identification in Path of Exile.

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