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Path of Exile 3.22 Farming Divines Guides: Boss Rushing Plus Strategy

Are you ready for an exciting farming strategy in Path of Exile's 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League? Look no further! We've got a thrilling boss rushing plus strategy that promises excellent results. While it's slightly different from previous leagues, it's showing great potential, with a consistent profit of 7 to 10 Poe Divines per hour. So, gear up and get ready to farm some serious currency with this straightforward yet effective strategy.


Atlas Skill Tree Setup

Let's start by discussing the Atlas skill tree that we'll be using for this boss rushing plus farming strategy. In our approach, we focus on targeting Shaper, Elder, Conquerors, Synthesis Maps, and the chance for map drop duplication. Additionally, we've added a touch of quantity in the middle to maximize our gains. We'll also be hunting down Exile alters and heist contracts, which we'll enhance with some block nodes for added value. This Atlas skill tree is key to our success in this league.


Atlas Skill Tree:


Path of Exile 3.22 Farming Divines Guides: Boss Rushing Plus Strategy


Loot Overview

Now, let's take a look at the loot you can expect from the first 300 Maps. We alternate between Beach and Strand Maps, dropping Sands when farming Beach and Beach maps when farming Strand. Though the loot may vary slightly from previous leagues, it's still packed with valuable items. Here's what you can find: Maps, invitations, Divines, fortunate cards, Twisted Forgotten, deception contracts, Priceless contracts, Elder Conqueror Maps, Synthesis Maps, and more. We even stumbled upon a Tier 1 Spell Separation Fracture, which can fetch a handsome sum.


Profit Analysis

Let's break down the numbers. In the first batch of 100 Maps, we secured around six Divines, with similar results in the second batch. Additionally, we found valuable items like mutations and Exile alters. We've excluded bulk prices for certain Maps, but Conqueror Maps and Elder cheaper sets are selling well. Overall, our profit per hour sits comfortably at 8.5 Divines, reaching up to 10 if you're efficient.


Strand Maps

Now, if you opt for Strand Maps, keep in mind that they have a different layout, making them slightly less profitable. To maximize efficiency, we recommend skipping Delirium mirrors in Strand Maps due to their length. Instead, focus on fast-paced Shield Charging as you make your way to the bosses. While the profit per hour may not match Beach Maps, it's still a viable option.


Map Showcase

To give you a taste of how this strategy works, we've provided a map showcase. In this showcase, we demonstrate how to run Beach Maps efficiently, emphasizing the importance of finding Exile alters, strongboxes, and Smuggler cases. It's a straightforward process that can yield fantastic results. In cases where you encounter a Delirium mirror, adjust your strategy accordingly and reap the rewards.



In the 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League, our boss rushing plus farming strategy offers an exciting and profitable approach to currency farming. Whether you choose Beach Maps or Strand Maps, you have the potential to consistently earn 7 to 10 Divines per hour. So, dive in, adapt to the league mechanics, and watch your currency stack grow with this engaging farming strategy. 

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