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Path of Exile 3.22 Herald of Purity Guardian Minion Build Guides

In this guide, we'll delve into a unique and effective minion build in Path of Exile, specifically the Herald of Purity Guardian build. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Captain Lance and analyze this build, making tweaks to optimize its performance. We've divided the guide into different Poe Currency budget levels, ranging from low to extreme, to cater to various player preferences and financial constraints.


Path of Exile 3.22 Herald of Purity Guardian Minion Build Guides


Build Overview

The Herald of Purity Guardian build is a powerful minion-focused build that utilizes the Herald of Purity skill to summon and empower minions to decimate enemies. We've categorized the build based on budget: low, medium, high, and extreme. Each budget level tailors the gear, gems, and optimizations accordingly.


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Leveling Phase

The leveling phase is crucial to get the build off to a strong start. We'll walk you through the key aspects of leveling, including skill progression and gear choices.


Ascendancy and Skill Trees

Understanding the ascendancy choices and skill tree progression is vital for maximizing the potential of the build. We'll guide you through the recommended ascendancy nodes and skill trees for different stages of the game.


Gear and Itemization

Proper gear and itemization play a significant role in this build. We'll provide detailed insights into gear choices, including recommendations for each budget level. Items like the Triad Grip and Unset Ring will be discussed, focusing on their importance and proper usage.


Gems and Links

Optimizing gem setups is crucial for maximizing damage and utility. We'll discuss gem links and configurations for various skills, including Herald of Purity, Ball Lightning, and Convocation. Understanding the gem setups will enhance your gameplay experience.


Flasks and Pantheon

Choosing the right flasks and utilizing the Pantheon system for this build can greatly improve survivability and utility. We'll outline recommended flask setups and Pantheon choices to suit different scenarios and challenges.


Budget Variations

  • Low Budget: Designed for those with limited resources, focusing on essential items and gems to get you started.
  • Medium Budget: Strikes a balance between cost and performance, providing significant improvements over the low budget while remaining accessible.
  • High Budget: Optimizes gear and gems for a higher damage output and better survivability, suitable for those with a more substantial budget.
  • Extreme Budget: Tailored for players with ample resources, aiming for maximum damage potential and fine-tuning of gear and gems.



This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the Herald of Purity Guardian minion build in Path of Exile. Whether you're on a tight budget or have ample resources to spare, this build offers a scalable and powerful option for minion enthusiasts. Remember to check the written guide for the latest updates and in-depth details.

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