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ESO Update 40 New Group Finder Guide: Everything You Need To Know

With the arrival of Update 40, ESO introduces an overhauled Group Finder system designed to streamline the process of teaming up with fellow adventurers. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the intricacies of this revamped tool, examining its features, functionality, and potential impact on your ESO experience. We'll break down the system's elements, explain how to make the most of its filters and options, and offer expert tips for forming the perfect team for your gaming objectives.


ESO Update 40 New Group Finder Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Group Finder Introduction

What Is the Group Finder?

The group finder is a brand-new feature introduced in ESO's Update 40. Unlike the dungeon finder, which is primarily used for queuing up for specific content, the group finder acts as a bulletin board where players can create and search for group listings across various activities, including dungeons, trials, and PvP.


How Is It Different from the Dungeon Finder?

While the dungeon finder focuses on queuing players into content, the group finder is more about connecting players who want to coordinate specific activities. It's a social tool that encourages communication and cooperation rather than a simple queuing system.


Potential Impact on PC and Console Players

The impact of the group finder may vary between PC and console players. Console players, who often lack in-game voice chat, might find the group finder especially valuable. On the other hand, PC players, who can easily access external voice chat options, might see its impact as insignificant. However, both platforms have their unique social dynamics that will shape how the group finder is utilized.


Exploring the Group Finder

  • Navigating the User Interface: We'll guide you through the group finder's user interface, helping you understand how to access and utilize its features effectively.
  • Filters and Categories: Learn about the various filters and categories available in the group finder, such as dungeon, trial, PvP, and custom listings.
  • Creating Your Group Listing: Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own group listing, including choosing filters, setting descriptions, and managing player requirements.


Dungeon Finder

  • Dungeon Filter Options: Explore the different dungeon filter options and understand how to use them to find the perfect group for your dungeon run.
  • Setting Group Titles and Descriptions: Craft compelling group titles and descriptions to attract like-minded players to your cause.
  • Play Style Filters and CP Requirements: Discover how play style filters and CP (Champion Points) requirements can help you form the ideal group for your goals.
  • VoIP and Invite Codes: Learn about the VoIP requirement and the innovative invite code system for matchmaking and group formation.
  • Enforcing Rule Requirements: Understand the importance of enforcing rule requirements and maintaining a positive group experience.


Trials Finder

  • Trials Filter Options: Explore the filter options specific to trials and understand how to create effective trial group listings.
  • Similarities and Differences with Dungeon Finder: Compare the trial finder to the dungeon finder, highlighting the key similarities and differences.
  • Creating a Trials Group Listing: Step-by-step instructions on creating a successful trials group listing for coordinated epic adventures.


PvP Group Finder

  • PvP Filters and Categories: Delve into the PvP group finder filters and categories and understand their role in forming effective PvP groups.
  • VoIP and Faction Considerations: Learn about the role of VoIP in PvP groups and how faction considerations may impact your group formation.


Custom Group Listings

  • Creating Custom Listings: Discover the flexibility of custom group listings and how to utilize them for your specific needs.
  • Versatility and Limitations: Explore the versatility of custom group listings and understand their limitations compared to predefined categories.


How to Use the Group Finder Effectively?

  • Strategies for Successful Group Formation: Learn tips and strategies for effectively forming and managing groups using the group finder.
  • Coordinating with Your Faction: Understand the importance of faction coordination when forming PvP groups.
  • Promoting Your Group Listing: Discover how to effectively promote your group listing and attract the right players to join your adventures.


Community Reactions and Expectations

  • Initial Reactions from Players: Explore the initial reactions and feedback from the ESO community regarding the new group finder.
  • Potential Social Challenges: Discuss potential social challenges that may arise with the introduction of the group finder and how to address them.
  • Speculations on the Group Finder's Future: Consider the future of the group finder, including possible updates, expansions, and how it might evolve within the ESO community.



By the end of this guide, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of ESO's new group finder and be ready to dive into the world of coordinated group activities in Tamriel. Whether you're a PvE enthusiast, a PvP warrior, or a mix of both, the group finder has something to offer you in the ever-expanding Elder Scrolls Online universe.

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