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Path of Exile Farming Currency With Crimson Temple Maps Guides

In the ever-expanding world of Path of Exile, farming maps efficiently can be the key to accumulating wealth and powerful items. One strategy that has gained significant attention and praise is farming Currency with Crimson Temple maps. In this guide, we will break down the intricacies of this strategy, explaining why it's a solid choice for both experienced and newer players. We'll also provide insights into maximizing your returns and address common questions and concerns surrounding this method.



Path of Exile Farming Currency With Crimson Temple Maps Guides


Why Crimson Temple Maps?

Crimson Temple maps have become a popular choice among Path of Exile players due to their potential for fantastic drops, most notably the coveted Apothecary's unique map. This guide focuses on an incremental approach to farming these maps in sets of 28, making the process more manageable for players of all levels. While running 100 maps would likely yield better loot and more chances at Apothecary, running 28 maps at a time allows for a more accessible and reasonable strategy.



Optimizing the Strategy

To get the most out of farming Crimson Temple maps, optimizing your approach is crucial. 

Here are the key steps:

  • Map Quality: Start with white maps and use Cartographer's Chisels to bring them up to 20% quality.
  • Alchemy: Apply an Alchemy Orb to your map to upgrade it.
  • Map Mods: Consider rolling map mods with item level 88 or higher for better drops.
  • Corruption: Corrupt the map for additional potential mods and better loot.
  • Scarabs and Sextants: Use gilded scarabs like Ambush, Divination, Reliquary, and Harbinger to boost your drops. Apply sextants for additional modifiers.


The Atlas Tree

We provides a detailed Atlas tree, explaining how it complements the strategy. They favor passives that increase the quantity and rarity of drops while avoiding Wanderlust Path. The tree supports strongbox spawns, Harbingers, Beyond encounters, and increased rewards from Delirium.


Atlas Tree


The Apothecary: A Coveted Prize

The main goal of farming Crimson Temple maps is to drop the Apothecary unique map. While it's not guaranteed in every set of 28 maps, it's entirely possible to obtain one within a reasonable timeframe if you're running efficiently. In our experience, they managed to drop five Apothecaries in about three weeks of running this strategy. The Apothecary is the pinnacle of Crimson Temple farming, and the strategy is designed with the goal of obtaining it.


Addressing Concerns: Including Apothecary in Results

Some players argue that Apothecary should be excluded from the results when calculating the profitability of this strategy. However, We contends that this unique map is the primary target of farming Crimson Temple, so it should remain part of the results. Even without factoring in Apothecary drops, the strategy is still profitable, although not as lucrative. Apothecary is the ultimate prize, and it significantly boosts overall profits when it drops.


Farming Results

Let's dive into the results of farming Crimson Temple maps. At first glance, it might appear that Crimson Temple yields fewer items compared to other maps like Cemetery or Dunes. However, this apparent drawback becomes a strength, as it leads to faster looting. In Crimson Temple, you can efficiently pick up items while running, making the looting process much quicker than in other maps.


Key Items and Divination Cards

Crimson Temple farming primarily focuses on acquiring currency, scarabs, and divination cards. The ultimate goal is to drop valuable items and, of course, the Apothecary. Valuable drops include Divine Orbs, Exalted Orbs, and Mirrors. Additionally, players can expect to accumulate various divination cards, including Scarabs, which are valuable for trading or personal use.



Farming Crimson Temple maps is an effective and rewarding Poe Currency strategy in Path of Exile. The incremental approach, optimized looting, and a focus on key drops make it a favorite among many players. Whether you're hunting for the elusive Apothecary or seeking other valuable items, this strategy has proven its worth. Keep in mind that flexibility in your approach, continuous optimization, and adaptability to league mechanics are essential for long-term success in Path of Exile.

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