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PoE Crafting Guide for Lightning Strike Sorcerer Gloves

In this crafting guide, we will delve into the intricate process of creating gloves for the Lightning Strike version of the Transcendence Armor Stacker build in Path of Exile. These gloves are a vital component of your character's gear, and crafting them effectively can significantly enhance your gaming experience. We'll cover the steps, strategies, and considerations needed to achieve the perfect pair of gloves for your build.



PoE Crafting Guide for Lightning Strike Sorcerer Gloves


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Step 1: Obtain the Base Item

Your journey begins with obtaining a suitable base item. For this build, we recommend using Sorcerer Gloves with a fracture modifier of either flat or increased Energy Shield. While both options are viable, the increased Energy Shield fracture is preferred due to its better synergy with the crafting process. Be prepared to invest around 15 to 20 Exalted Orbs for a pair of fractured gloves with perfectly rolled increased or flat Energy Shield.


Quality Matters: Enhancing the quality of your base item to 30% is crucial. This significantly impacts the final Energy Shield value you can achieve. You can use Perfect Fossils and a one-socket resonator to easily reach 30% quality.


Step 2: Adding Influence

To unlock the full crafting potential, introduce influence to your gloves using the Eater of Worlds. This allows you to manipulate suffixes with Eldritch and Exalted Orbs while maintaining the possibility of crafting a crafted Energy Shield mod as the last suffix.


Step 3: Using Essences

The next phase involves using the "Deafening Essence of Zeal" or "Deafening Essence of Spite" on your gloves. The choice depends on your preference for either more attack speed or additional intelligence. The goal is to acquire suffixes such as attack speed, intelligence, and any resistances. You can later modify resistances with Harvest crafting, so focus on getting the first two.


Step 4: Crafting Suffixes

Crafting suffixes involves combining essences and Eldritch Exalts to roll your desired mods. Keep rolling until you achieve a three-suffix item with attack speed and intelligence. You can also try to add a resistance mod if you're feeling lucky.


Optional: Deterministic Resistance Mod

If you want to ensure a resistance mod, you can follow these steps after locking the suffixes:

  • Use the "Suffixes Can't Be Changed" craft.
  • Reforge the item with "Cold, Fire, Lightning" mods until a resistance appears.


Step 5: Modifying Prefixes

Once you have your desired suffixes, it's time to switch the Eldritch implicits to Searing X Arc. Ensure that the "Searing X Arc" is of higher tier to prevent losing your suffix progress.


Step 6: Crafting Prefixes

To craft the desired prefixes, utilize Eldritch Chaos Orbs. This poe currency combines the functions of an Exalted Orb and an Annulment Orb, making it cost-effective. The goal here is to create a four-mod item. Block mods you don't want, such as "Physical Damage Reduction While Focused," and unveil until you get +2 AOE modifiers. Then craft +2 Energy Shield.


Step 7: Adding Implicits

To add the final touch, obtain Grand Eldritch Embers and use them until you roll the "Non-Volatile Skills Strike an Additional Target" implicit. Make sure to have the blue Elder influence dominant.


Optional: Double Perfect Implicits

If you desire double perfect implicits, use an Exceptional Eldritch Icker to target the "Increased Effect of Your Marks" and "Non-Volatile Skills Strike an Additional Target" implicits. Be prepared for a potentially expensive process, as it may require multiple tries.



Crafting the perfect gloves for your Lightning Strike Sorcerer build in Path of Exile demands patience, currency, and a strategic approach. Follow these steps diligently, and your gloves will become a formidable asset to your character's overall strength. Best of luck with your crafting endeavors, and may your gaming experiences be electrifying!

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