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New World Expansion All Weapons DPS: Tier List Under Optimal Conditions

The New World expansion has brought significant changes to the damage meta, particularly in PvE, due to the removal of Bane. Additionally, the introduction of artifact items has further reshuffled the hierarchy of weapon DPS rankings. In this guide, we'll delve into PvE DPS rankings under optimal circumstances, considering attributes, perks, and artifacts. Please note that the data presented here is the result of thorough testing by an anonymous contributor and reflects the current state of the game, which might change with future updates.



New World Expansion All Weapons DPS: Tier List Under Optimal Conditions


Optimal Build Parameters

Before we dive into the DPS rankings, it's essential to understand the conditions for these tests. The following preparation steps were taken to maximize damage output:


  • Attributes: All attribute points were invested in damage perks, with a focus on achieving an even stat split for weapons with split stat scaling. Additionally, 50 points in Intelligence were allocated to weapons lacking in scaling, providing a consistent base damage increase.
  • Equipment: The use of equipment such as rings with Empower, Oblivion, and Honing Stone was prioritized to optimize damage. However, it's important to note that the artifact numbers presented here may change if the option to add gem slots to artifacts is removed in the future.
  • Perks: Tests were conducted with three perks, typically Rogue or Vicious, Attunement, and either Keenly Empowered or Refreshing Move. The exception was the addition of a gem slot perk for artifact weapons, which significantly enhanced their potential.
  • Capstones: 25-point capstones were used for added damage.
  • Test Subjects: Target dummies were used for testing, and the calculations considered various factors like weaknesses, buffs, and Empowers.


Now, let's delve into the DPS rankings for different weapons under these optimal conditions, starting with the Warhammer.



The Warhammer's DPS remains relatively low, with potential for improvement through different combos. Its true strength in Expeditions lies in its spark effect, which provides a 50% weaken, making it a valuable utility weapon.

  • Normal DPS: 6,500
  • Spark DPS: 6,900



The Flail, designed primarily as a utility weapon, offers moderate DPS. However, its numerous area-of-effect (AOE) abilities make it valuable for clearing groups of enemies, particularly in Expeditions.

  • Flail DPS: 7,300


Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet, with its lifetaker variant, offers decent DPS. While the standard Void Gauntlet leans more towards a healer's role, the lifetaker version can significantly boost the damage output of other weapons.

  • Normal DPS: 7,400
  • Lifetaker DPS: 9,800



The Musket undergoes significant changes with its projectiles now piercing. While its single-target DPS is moderate, it offers advantages in avoiding most mob and dungeon mechanics, making it a versatile choice.

  • DPS: 8,070



The Bow boasts slightly higher DPS than the Musket but lacks the same level of penetration. However, it excels in delivering consistent damage with AOE abilities.

  • Bow DPS: 8,350



The Hatchet DPS varies depending on factors like the number of targets and the specific build used. It may not compete as strongly in single-target DPS as other weapons but offers unique advantages.

  • DPS: Varies based on conditions



The Butcher DPS depends on multiple factors, including ability combos, gear, and perks. It can offer high damage output, particularly against groups of enemies, making it a valuable option.

  • DPS: Varies based on conditions


Artifact Weapons

Several artifact weapons demonstrate significant DPS potential under optimal conditions:

  • Blunderbuss (Pestilence): 11,846 DPS
  • Abyss Great Axe: 12,711 DPS
  • Serenity: 14,367 DPS


Artifact weapons, such as the Blunderbuss with Pestilence, the Abyss Great Axe, and Serenity, top the DPS charts, offering exceptional damage output. These weapons bring unique perks and capabilities to the table.


Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield's DPS saw a reduction with the removal of double Bane, but the Butcher variant offers solid damage output and utility. The choice between safety and damage becomes crucial when using Sword and Shield.

  • Normal DPS: 10,000
  • Butcher DPS: Varies based on conditions


Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet's DPS can potentially increase further with the inclusion of a Keen Awareness ring. Its AOE abilities make it valuable for crowd control and damage in certain situations.

  • DPS: 10,000 (without Keen Awareness ring)


Fire Staff

The Fire Staff excels against Angry Earth, offering impressive DPS with its fire-based attacks. It's essential to consider gear and attributes to maximize its potential further.

  • DPS: 12,942 (against Angry Earth)



The Spear's DPS varies depending on factors like thrust damage bonuses and ability choices. It remains a solid choice for both single-target and AOE damage.

  • DPS: Varies based on conditions



The Rapier stands out as a single-target DPS weapon, boasting the highest damage output. Finisher Rapier offers an incredible damage spike, making it a potent choice for focused encounters.

  • Normal DPS: 16,700
  • Finisher DPS: 2,784



The New World expansion has reshaped the PVE damage meta, introducing artifacts that significantly impact the weapon tier list. While some weapons excel in single-target DPS, others shine in AOE situations. Players should consider their playstyle and group dynamics when choosing the right weapon for their adventures. Additionally, it's essential to stay informed about future updates and balance changes that may further influence the meta.

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