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FFXIV Patch 6.5 Zeromus Extreme Guide: Tips and Strategies

Welcome, adventurers, to the Abyssal Fracture Extreme Trial, also known as Zeromus Extreme in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a challenging but manageable fight with some unique mechanics. We will walk you through this exciting encounter, providing you with strategies and tips to conquer it. In this guide, we'll break down each phase and mechanic, ensuring you have the knowledge to emerge victorious. 



FFXIV Patch 6.5 Zeromus Extreme Guide: Tips and Strategies


Preparing for the Fight

Before pulling Zeromus, it's essential to make some assignments and setups:

  • Party Composition: Organize your group with two light parties, each consisting of one tank, one healer, and two DPS. Additionally, set up roll pairs, with one support and one DPS in each pair.
  • Assign Corners: Designate corners for each roll pair. Ranged and healer pairs should be assigned to the southwest and southeast corners, while the melee and tank pair should take the northwest and northeast corners.


Phase 1: The Opening Salvo

Zeromus begins the encounter with a few auto-attacks before casting Abyssal KNX. This attack reduces everyone's HP to one and applies a Doom debuff that lasts for 10 seconds. Healers should quickly heal everyone to full to dispel Doom. Astrologian take note that Macrocosmos won't work here, so use your other healing cooldowns.


After this, two sets of circle AoEs will appear consecutively, with their explosions originating from specific spots on the ground. Remember that it's always either North or West that's safe first, followed by the opposite one.


Next, Zeromus will cast Sable Thread, a split-damage line AoE that does more damage to the two players closest to him. Both tanks should use cooldowns and position themselves in front of the party, as the main tank continues to take auto-attacks.


The fight then progresses with Dark Matter, a three-hit tank buster on both tanks. Healers should be prepared to heal through this; nothing special is required.


Phase 2: Visceral Whirl Patterns

The first potentially tricky mechanic is Visceral Whirl, which functions similarly to its normal mode counterpart. It features two sets of AoEs with tendrils sweeping across the room, leaving two safe areas: one near Zeromus and one farther away. After Visceral Whirl, Zeromus leaves behind three X-shaped markers on the ground, which eventually explode in massive line AoEs. Memorizing the patterns is one approach, but there are some rules to help you identify safe spots:


  • There will always be a safe spot close to the boss.
  • The front set of tendrils always swipes first.
  • Pay attention to cardinal positions; if a corner has only one X, that corner is safe.


Practising these patterns and relying on party coordination can help you master this mechanic.


Phase 3: Flares and Meteors

After more repeats of earlier mechanics, Zeromus introduces Flare, which summons two split-damage AoE towers, one in front and one in the back. Melee and tanks should move forward, while ranged and healers move back to handle the initial flare hit. The towers release line fire AoEs around the arena with four different patterns. Identifying the safe spots is crucial:


  • Middle safe spot.
  • Slightly offset to the left of the middle safe spot.
  • Northeast and southwest corners (not all the way in the corners).
  • Wall safe spots (potentially the riskiest).


Void Bio follows, summoning poison orbs that players must dodge while dealing with Visceral Whirl. Any contact with the orbs inflicts heavy damage over time, so avoid them at all costs.


Next is Big Bang, a spread AoE followed by AoEs around the room. Shield up and mitigate for Big Bang to survive this phase.


Phase 4: The Climactic Finale

Zeromus's final phase is a test of endurance and awareness. It repeats some mechanics from earlier phases but adds a new mechanic called Flow of the Abyss. This mechanic forces players to adapt and respond swiftly. Void Thunder AoEs appear regularly during this phase, so be mindful of your positioning.


The flow of the Abyss involves a fissure along the west side of the room that unleashes a line AoE across it. This is combined with various other mechanics, such as spreads, stacks, and pairs. Players must coordinate their movements to ensure everyone survives.


In this phase, Zeromus will also cast Nostalgia, a multi-hit attack with both physical and magical damage. Healers, be ready to keep the party alive through this.


Phase 5: The Grand Finale

As the fight progresses, Zeromus will cast Rend of the Rift when he drops below 25% health, dealing significant raid-wide damage. Continue to dodge AoEs and heal through damage to survive.



Completing Zeromus EX offers enticing rewards, including level 655 weapons, crafting materials, music sheets, the Zeromus mount, and a collectable card.



Zeromus EX is a thrilling encounter that will test your party's coordination and individual skill. By understanding and mastering each mechanic, working together with your party, and staying focused, you can conquer this formidable challenge. Good luck, adventurers, and may your journey through the Abyssal Fracture be triumphant!

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