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Path of Exile Essence Farming Guide: Strategies and Avoiding Noob Traps

In this comprehensive Path of Exile guide, we will unveil the best farming strategies and reveal some common noob traps you should avoid. Essence farming is a lucrative league mechanic that, when done right, can yield significant poe currency profits. We'll explore the mechanics, strategies, and pitfalls to ensure you maximize your Essence farming endeavors.



Path of Exile Essence Farming Guide: Strategies and Avoiding Noob Traps


Understanding Essence Groups and Tears

Essences are classified into different groups and tiers, which is crucial to comprehend when using Remnants of Corruption. These remnants can be used on imprisoned monsters to obtain various outcomes, but not all outcomes are desirable. Here's a breakdown:

  • Release Monsters: This outcome is useless and potentially dangerous.
  • Add an Additional Essence: Generally not beneficial, as it often results in low-value Essences.
  • Upgrade Tier: Upgrading Essences from a lower tier to a higher one can be profitable.
  • Upgrade Group: Moving an Essence from one group to another, which is valuable for specific strategies.

The key is to use Remnants of Corruption wisely, as they can be expensive. You'll want to target Essences from Group E, such as Scorn and Misery, as upgrading these to Group F can yield highly sought-after Tier 8 special non-craftable mods (sncs), like Insanity, Horror, and more.


When to Upgrade Essences

Upgrade Essences strategically. Upgrade when you have Screaming and Shrieking Essences in the same imprisoned monster, as Crystal Resonance will duplicate the Shrieking Essences upon upgrading. To summarize:

  • Always corrupt Purple (Group E) Essences.
  • Do not corrupt Screaming or Shrieking Essences individually.
  • Consider corrupting when you have a combination of Screaming and Shrieking Essences in one monster.

Check Poe Ninja for current Essence prices, as some Essences are much more valuable than others. For instance, Deafening Essence of Loathing and Essence of Contempt can be quite expensive.


Atlas Passive Tree


Atlas Passive Tree Strategy

The Atlas Passive Tree plays a crucial role in Essence farming. Allocate all passive notables related to Essences:

  • Maps contain an additional Essence.
  • 15% chance to have three additional Essences in imprisoned monsters.
  • Shrinking Essences are duplicated.
  • Corrupting monsters cannot release them.
  • Essence found in your maps are one tier higher.

Consider adding the Keystone Stream of Consciousness to increase the chance of obtaining extra Essences. Also, prioritize linear maps that are connected to each other for better sustain.


Maximizing Map Sustain

Since Essence farming can strain your map sustain, here are some tips to overcome this:

  • Increase Item Quantity: Utilize item quantity modifiers, map modifiers, and notables like "Shaping the Skies" and "Shaping the Mountains" to enhance drops.
  • Singular Focus: Use this notable to focus on linear layouts, allowing you to repeatedly run the same profitable maps.
  • Master Missions: Increase your chances of getting specific Master missions, such as Kiarak missions, which can be very lucrative.


Synergies with Einhar and Niko

Take advantage of synergies with Einhar and Niko to enhance your Essence farming:

Allocate "Packed with Energy" for increased damage and movement speed with Niko.

Consider "Mining Byproducts" to get additional fossils from Niko's missions.

Niko's missions can also spawn Yellow Beasts imprisoned by Shrieking Essences, which can be duplicated.


Sextants and Noob Traps

Sextants can be beneficial but can also lead to noob traps. Consider the following:

  • Use awakened sextants and elevated sextants for increased Essence farming profits.
  • Avoid overusing Remnants of Corruption inside Essences, as it can sometimes reduce their value.
  • Be mindful of upgrading Shrieking Essences to Deafening Essences, as Shrieking Essences can sometimes be more valuable.


Maximizing Profit

Don't always sell low-value Essences. Instead, consider using Harvest to swap them for more valuable ones. Also, remember that you can profitably swap cheap Essences with Harvest.


Essence Memory

Essence Memory is a unique memory that features Rogue Exiles imprisoned by Essences. These maps can be profitable and enjoyable to run. They come with built-in properties like higher-tier Essences and the ability to duplicate Shrieking Essences.



Essence farming in Path of Exile can be a highly profitable endeavor when executed with the right strategies and awareness of potential pitfalls. By following these tips and avoiding common noob traps, you can make the most of this lucrative league mechanic. Happy Essence farming!

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