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PoE 3.22 Affordable Elemental Hit Bow Deadeye Build

Welcome to this guide on the Elemental Hit Bow Build, a unique take on bow builds that prioritizes elemental damage over physical. If you're tired of the steep costs associated with traditional bow builds, this guide might just be your ticket to success.


PoE 3.22 Affordable Elemental Hit Bow Deadeye Build


Why Elemental?

  • Affordability: Elemental bows are generally more budget-friendly compared to their physical counterparts.
  • Damage Scaling: As you level up, the damage from elemental sources such as Cold, Fire, and Lightning scales accordingly, ensuring consistent power progression.


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Core Mechanic

The build utilizes a skill that alternates between different elemental damages, allowing for easy operation of the Trinity support gem. This dynamic ensures you're always rotating through different elemental types, optimizing damage output.


Crafting the Perfect Bow


- Materials Required

  • 25 Divine Orbs (with 10 specifically for the bow)
  • Craft materials like Atziri's Promise and more.


- Crafting Steps

  • Start with a base that has a 2-level socketed gem mod.
  • Press for Attack Speed and Crit Multiplier.
  • Ensure you have mods for Crit Chance and Elemental Penetration.

Detailed steps: craft with Crit Multi, use "suffixes cannot be changed", link with prefixes, add physical damage mods, and finalize with crafting techniques to guarantee the desired mods.


Unique Items

  • Replica Dragon Fan: Elevates the elemental level and helps with mana management.
  • Feral Fur: A hidden gem not often used, it provides all the necessary stats.
  • Aspect of the Cat Belt: Packed with a Hunter mod, it helps to recharge flasks via critical strikes.



  • Use both Dying Flask and Atziri Flask.
  • Movement Speed and Damage flasks for increased efficiency.



  • Lioneye's Fall: Converts melee and claw nodes to bow nodes, enabling more build flexibility.
  • Thread of Hope: This large variant jewel allows you to obtain crucial nodes from the skill tree at once.


Special Nodes

  • Corrosive Elements: Allows you to inflict multiple elemental exposures, amplifying your elemental damage output.
  • Farsight: Requires you to engage enemies from a distance to maximize damage.


Additional Points

Use the "Impossible Escape" jewel to gain access to life and reduce skill cost nodes. This jewel, which was popular in previous seasons, remains a potent choice for our build.



This Elemental Hit Bow Build offers a refreshing approach to archery in Path of Exile. With a focus on elemental damage and an affordable gear list, it's an ideal choice for those wanting to explore the world of Wraeclast without breaking the bank. As always, adapt and adjust based on your playstyle, and may your arrows always find their mark. 

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