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Runescape Quick Victory Ancient Awakening Quest Guides

Discover the ins and outs of the Ancient Awakening Quest in RuneScape. Our guide breaks down each step from prerequisites to combat, ensuring you navigate the journey seamlessly.


Runescape Quick Victory Ancient Awakening Quest Guides


Introduction and Starting Point

Welcome to the Ancient Awakening Quest guide. Get comfortable, sip your tea, and let's dive in. Begin the quest by speaking with Overseer Sava at the Fort Fenre Command Center.



  • Completion of the 'Dead and Buried' Quest.
  • Minimum Level 50 Necromancy.



The quest involves combat, so equip your best gear, potions, and food. Speed up your journey with items like Fort Fenre teleport scroll and the Archaeology Journal.


Embarking on the Quest

After accepting the quest and choosing any dialogue option, locate Aster in the Dragon King tomb. This tomb is in the Wilderness Crypt, north of Fort Fenre.

Speak to Aster and gather 20 Dragon Kin artifacts, which can be found sparkling around the tomb. Tomb zombies will emerge, which upon defeat, yield 2-3 artifacts.

Once you have all artifacts, report back to Aster.


The Jolly Boar Inn

Travel northeast of Varrock to the Jolly Boar Inn.

Once there, find and speak to Bill. Choose the second dialogue option, and then head upstairs to converse with Elam Maria. To progress swiftly, select the fourth dialogue option.


The Next Phase

Teleport to Varrock and journey west of the Champions Guild. Find the quest icon and speak to Aster. When prompted, choose the third dialogue option. After she disappears, read the mysterious letter left behind.


Fort Fenre and Ango Battle

Return to Fort Fenre's Town Hall and engage in dialogue with Aster and other NPCs.

Head east to the Grove cabin and activate the rowboat, leading to a cutscene and your arrival on Ango.

Prepare for combat! Battle and defeat waves of zombies and skeletons to proceed.

Explore the island, making your way to a tower, and brace yourself for a 12-wave fight against various foes. If needed, use the regenerator ability between waves for health recovery. The mini-boss at the end marks the culmination of this battle.


The Quest Climax

Post-battle, witness a compelling cutscene. Then, navigate through the island, interacting with a runic projector.

Collect three moles of energy found by engaging with bookcases and pillars. With these in hand, approach the runic projector again to converse with an illusion, the Archist.

Upon this conversation's conclusion, inspect the mysterious device nearby, then head back to Fort Fenre.


Bonus: Post-Quest Activities

The combat mini-game from the quest can be replayed by interacting with a statue on Ango.

Players can also build the buttonless workbench. At its third tier, this workbench allows for faster and more efficient overload creation.



In Fort Fenre, approach the Town Hall and find the blue quest symbol. Engage in a conversation with an NPC. Once done, the Ancient Awakening Quest will be complete.

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