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New World Best Tank Gear Sets and Perks Guide | The Rise of the Angry Earth

The latest expansion in New World, The Rise of the Angry Earth, has brought significant changes to the gear system, rendering your old gear obsolete. In this guide, we'll delve into the new gear system, including artifact gear, and provide a comprehensive overview of the best farmable gear sets for tanks. We'll discuss how to obtain and upgrade these sets, along with the ideal perks to aim for. Our focus here will be on the average heavy armor tank.


New World Best Tank Gear Sets and Perks Guide | The Rise of the Angry Earth


Upgrading and Crafting 700 Gear Score Gear

With the expansion, you can now upgrade your named items to a 700 gear score. To do this, the item must be a named gear piece with a gear score of 650 or higher. You'll also need the materials for the upgrade. Here's how you can do it:


  • Ensure that the gear piece you want to upgrade is not part of your current gear set.
  • Visit the Gypsum Kiln and navigate to the bottom of the list to find the gear you want to upgrade.
  • Select the gear and proceed to upgrade it. During this process, you can choose the final perk for this gear set.


This upgrade allows you to select two set perks and one additional perk of your choice. Keep in mind that you can upgrade gear between 650 and 700 gear score. However, when upgrading gear, it consumes the item you currently possess, regardless of its gear score or quality.


The Artifact Gear

Artifact gear introduces a new dimension to your character's equipment. You can slot one armor artifact, one weapon artifact, and one jewelry artifact. This system allows for a broader range of customization to adapt to various in-game challenges. When choosing artifact gear, consider your playstyle and adapt your gear to match the specific situations you face.


Armor Sets for Tanks

While it's difficult to pinpoint the absolute best-in-slot tank gear, you can consider specific perks and sets that are worth farming. For a tank, focus on perks that enhance your survivability, weapon abilities, and overall tanking capabilities. Perks like Refreshing, Empowering, and Mighty are ideal, along with Grit and Ward perks.


It's important to note that you can only have Refreshing on up to four gear pieces; stacking it beyond that is not beneficial.


Accessible Gear

The most readily accessible gear for tanks is the Alliance gear, which can be obtained from the Alliance vendor. It offers a good starting point for tanks with gear scores of 675. While it's a bit costly in terms of new world gold and tokens, it provides essential perks like Enchanted Ward, Refreshing Health, and Constitution.


Sets Worth Farming

For best-in-slot gear, consider farming sets like the Keratin Set, which includes Magnify, Grit Ward, and Refreshing. This set is obtainable by killing bosses in Brimstone Sands or Kei.


Another option is the Azoth Crystal Set, featuring Refreshing and Enchanted Ward. To obtain this set, you'll need to kill bosses in any Mutation 2 or 3 Expedition. This set provides excellent damage reduction against light and heavy attacks.


Other sets to consider are Conditioning Sets, which offer damage reduction for specific damage types. These sets are useful in certain situations but may not be as versatile as the previously mentioned sets.


Amulets for Tanks

Amulets play a crucial role in tanking by providing protection against specific damage types. Look for amulets with perks like Protection and Refreshing. The Grove Light Amulet, Soul Shroud Amulet, Tangle Vine Amulet, and SPO Light Amulet are excellent choices, each specializing in a different protection type. Additionally, the Demon Soul amulet is valuable for its increased healing.


Artifact amulets are also an option, but they're best used when you need to adapt to specific damage types for certain encounters.


Rings for Tanks

Rings are an essential part of tank gear, with perks like Hearty, Leeching, and Enfeebling being highly sought after. Rings like Soul Pollen and Privateer's Haom are excellent choices. The Azoth Crystal Ring is another valuable piece of gear, as it offers Hearty and Leeching, with the option to choose a third perk to match your playstyle.


Blood Drinker Ring is a niche choice that provides lifesteal but comes at the cost of reduced damage. It can be a lifesaver in challenging encounters, especially when combined with other lifesteal and tanky perks.


Earrings for Tanks

Earrings are important for maintaining survivability, with perks like Refreshing Toast, Despised, Nimble, and Purifying Toast. Earrings like Soul Shroud Earring, Spight Earring, and Artifact Earrings each offer a different combination of these perks. Artifact Earrings may not be as popular but can be niche choices for specific builds.


Shields for Tanks

Shields are an integral part of tanking. For ultimate tankiness, consider using a Tower Shield. The choice between a sword and shield or flail and shield affects the ideal perks. Fortifying Shield Rush is crucial when using a sword, while a sturdy shield with shield defense is excellent for tanks. Shields with specific Ward perks can be valuable in adapting to different damage types.


One exceptional choice is the Moss-born Tower Shield, which offers Nature Ward and Shield Defense. Unfortunately, it only drops in a Mutation 3 Genesis Expedition. Another option is the Pho's Tower Shield, which is excellent for thrust damage but also only drops in a Mutation 3 Expedition.


Artifact weapons, such as the Wall Artifact, offer unique perks like reduced base damage and elemental damage reduction but come at the cost of not being able to dodge. These are more suited for experienced players looking to maximize DPS while tanking.


Weapons for Tanks

The choice of weapons can significantly impact your tanking capabilities. Different weapons have specific perks that align with tanking or DPS. Here are some weapon recommendations:


  • Flail: The Odo artifact flail is an excellent choice for tanks, offering Refreshing Move, Life Steal, and Odo Defense. It provides exceptional tanking capabilities, especially when combined with the Carnelian gem.
  • Warhammer: The Azoth Crystal Warhammer is a great option. Add the Sundering Shockwave perk for even better tanking capabilities.
  • Great Sword: The Serenity artifact great sword is well-suited for tanking and boosting your damage output.
  • Spear: Consider the Azoth Crystal Spear, and add the Leeching Cyclone perk for enhanced tanking.


While these are recommended choices, feel free to experiment and find the weapon that best complements your playstyle.



In New World's The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, gearing your tank requires a careful balance of perks, armor sets, and artifact gear. Customizing your gear to match your playstyle and adapt to various in-game challenges is essential for successful tanking experiences. Remember that having one stable gear set is now more accessible, thanks to the expansion's changes. 

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