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New World Expansion Upgrade Items: Umbral Shards, Gypsum Kiln and Legendary Items

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion has introduced significant changes to gearing and upgrading systems. With the removal of the Humble Shot system and the Expertise and Watermark system, players are left with questions about the fate of their existing gear and how to prepare for the expansion. In this detailed guide, we'll provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to upgrade items in the expansion, covering crucial aspects such as Umbral Shards, the Gypsum Kiln, materials, and more.


New World Expansion Upgrade Items: Umbral Shards, Gypsum Kiln and Legendary Items


Umbral Shards

Umbral Shards will undergo changes in the expansion. After the expansion is released, your Umbral Shards will become Depleted Umbral Shards, rendering them essentially useless except for salvage. You can salvage one stack of Depleted Umbral Shards for a thousand new world coins. So, if you've accumulated a significant amount of Umbral Shards, you can at least convert them into gold. However, there may be a way to spend Umbral Shards before the expansion arrives, so keep an eye out for any in-game events or uses for them.


Upgrading Items with the Gypsum Kiln

In the expansion, the traditional Upgrade option for items will no longer be available due to the deprecation of Umbral Shards. Instead, players will need to use the Gypsum Kiln to upgrade certain items. The Gypsum Kiln can be found in levels 60 to 65 settlements.


Here's how the process works:

  • Open the Gypsum Kiln menu.
  • Scroll down to find all the named items you currently have in your inventory.


These named items, usually with a gear score of 650 or higher, can be upgraded to a maximum gear score of 700 using the Gypsum Kiln. Additionally, you have the option to change one of the perks on these named items. While some perks are fixed, you can add or modify a third perk if the item allows it.


To perform these upgrades, you will need the following materials:

  • Jewelry Matrix
  • Dark Matter
  • Gypsum Orb


Requirements for Upgrading Items

It's important to note that not all items are eligible for upgrading using the Gypsum Kiln. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Only named items can be upgraded.
  • Crafted gear is not upgradable.
  • Legacy items obtained before the expansion will not be upgradable. You will need to find higher gear score versions of these items in the expansion.
  • Items obtained before the expansion may not be eligible for upgrading. Only items acquired post-expansion are likely to be upgradable.


Additional Uses for Gypsum Orbs

Gypsum Orbs remain valuable in the expansion as they are used for various purposes, including upgrading named items and changing perks. Be prepared to spend Gypsum Orbs on these activities, as they are essential for item progression.


Upgrading Legendary Items

It's worth upgrading your named items to Legendary status using Umbral Shards before the expansion arrives. Legendary items acquired from dungeons will downgrade into Materia, while those not from dungeons will yield fragments and Dark Matter when salvaged. This can provide you with a source of Dark Matter in the expansion.


Other Materials and Crafting

The expansion introduces various materials like Dark Matter, Matrixes, and more. These materials are essential for upgrading, crafting artifacts, and enhancing your gear. You can acquire these materials through various means, including salvaging gear, completing quests, participating in PvP, and more.


Artifact Crafting

Artifact items are unique and powerful items in the expansion. You can change the perk on these artifacts using the Gypsum Kiln. This allows you to customize your artifacts to suit your playstyle.



With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, upgrading items in the New World is undergoing significant changes. Make sure to adapt to these changes by using the Gypsum Kiln to upgrade your named items and gather valuable resources like Dark Matter and Gypsum Orbs. Additionally, consider upgrading your pre-expansion legendary items to maximize your Dark Matter gains. Stay informed about any updates or changes in the game to make the most out of your gearing and upgrading strategies in New World's latest expansion.

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