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Poe Currency Guide: Wandering Path Atlas Ultra Farm Strategy

The Wandering Path Ultra Farm Poe Currency strategy came about when a previous strategy was unworkable due to map purchase challenges. This guide introduces an enhanced method focusing on Delirium that not only boosts profits but is also entertaining and engaging.


Poe Currency Guide: Wandering Path Atlas Ultra Farm Strategy


Pros and Cons of the Strategy


- Pros

  • Profit: High returns, especially from red alters, and many items sell instantly in bulk.
  • Ease of Setup: Minimal investment and time required for setting up.
  • Map Sustain: Begin with a small pool of maps and watch it grow exponentially.


- Cons

  • Clicking: A considerable amount of clicking involved, potentially leading to hand fatigue.
  • Danger: Enhanced mod effects may lead to dangerous map mods and deadly on-death effects.
  • Requirements: Demands a well-rounded, fast character to maximize profits.


Atlas Tree Setup

Atlas Tree

The atlas tree link is provided separately. The key focus is on maximizing Delirium pack sizes through nodes like Growing Hordes, Wandering Path, and Wrath of the Cosmos. Specific keystones to emphasize:

  • Singular Focus: Concentrate on Moam maps for maximum drops.
  • Wandering Path: Double effects of small notables.
  • Growing Hordes: Boost pack size.



Running the Strategy

  • Preparation: Begin with about 10 maps. Ensure you have necessary items like scarabs, Vaal orbs, alchemies, and scourers.
  • Scarabs & Map Device: Insert all scarabs in the map device, and it will consume one of each for every map.
  • Rolling Maps: Alchemy your map, and then Vaal it. If mods become unfavorable or the map becomes unidentified, segregate them to reroll or utilize sextants.
  • Executing the Map: If Delirium spawns, pause a moment before entering the fog. Focus on reaching six reward layers in Delirium and prioritize minion alters for maximum currency.


Key Drops & Anomalies

  • Voidborn Keys: In a unique turn of events, two Voidborn keys were obtained from back-to-back maps, which hold a combined value of 6.5 divines. These significantly influenced the profit calculations.
  • In's Memory of Crystal Prisons: This essence memory, worth approximately 1.5 divines, was another noteworthy drop.
  • Grand Embers: These are extremely valuable, averaging around 3.5 divines.
  • Deli Orbs: Accumulated a considerable amount of Deli orbs, which can be bulk-sold for more than their face value. Given that these orbs are obtained passively by merely engaging with the delirium mechanic, they represent a substantial return on investment.


Metrics & Analysis

  • Raw Statistics: Over the course of 114 maps, the average cost was around 5.4 chaos per map. The total returns amounted to 10,933 chaos, translating to 46.9 divines.
  • Profit Evaluation: Excluding the major drops, the net profit was approximately 8,430 chaos. This results in a per-map profit of 74 chaos or slightly under 11 divines per hour.
  • Loot Breakdown: This strategy yielded an array of currency, ranging from seants to vobs, and included valuable items like simulacrums and invitations. Special mention to the ultra-rare Voidborn key drops and the Crystal Prisons memory.


Additional Tips & Observations

  • Rusted Scarabs: These are frequently dropped, aiding in the sustainability of the map farming cycle.
  • Over-sustained Maps: The strategy yielded more maps than initially invested, meaning there's minimal downtime between runs.
  • Divination Cards: Various divination cards are dropped, with some like the Dragon's Heart holding considerable value.


Fun Segment - Voidborn Key Opening

Despite their high value, it's also entertaining to open Voidborn keys and see what they reveal. During this experiment, the keys unveiled relatively common items like the Worm Flask and Clay Shaper.


Strategy Tips

  • Avoid spawning boss alters.
  • Be wary of Delirium's corpse explosions.
  • Simulacrum splinters are a bonus but not the primary focus.



The Wandering Path Ultra Farm strategy, when executed correctly, can yield tremendous profits in a short time. With efficient map running and a focus on Delirium, players can maximize their returns and enjoy the engaging gameplay Path of Exile offers.

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