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ESO Halloween 2023 Event Best Farming Locations Guide

ESO Witches Festival 2023 is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare for some spooky adventures. During this event, you have the opportunity to farm various rewards, including plunder skulls, which can contain valuable items like provisioning recipes, crafting materials, and more. In this guide, we'll explore the best locations to farm during the Halloween 2023 event, depending on your goals, whether it's XP, gold, loot, or a combination of all three.


ESO Halloween 2023 Event Best Farming Locations Guide


Dolmen Farming in Alik'r Desert

If you're a newer player or simply looking for an efficient way to earn XP, Alik'r Desert should be your first stop. Dolmen farming in the Alik'r Desert is not only an excellent XP source but also a quick way to farm plunder skulls. The key reasons for choosing this location are:

  • Alik'r Desert is a base game zone, making it easily accessible for all players.
  • Dolmens are always in the same order and conveniently located near wayshrines, ensuring a fast and efficient rotation.


Bankorai's Triangle Boss Farming

Bankorai is another great location for farming plunder skulls. While in Bankorai, focus on a rotation that includes three world bosses, forming what's commonly known as the triangle boss farm. Here's why Bankorai is a top choice:

  • Bankorai is a base game zone, making it accessible to all players.
  • The triangle boss farm rotation is dynamic and involves fast-paced boss kills.
  • Join a group to maximize efficiency and prevent overlap with other players.


Southern Elsweyr Dragon Hunt

For those interested in obtaining valuable materials like Dragon Blood, Dragon's Bile, and Dragon Rhein, head to Southern Elsweyr. This region is home to dragons, which are filled with loot. To make the most of your time:

  • Type LFDG (Looking for Dragon Group) in the chat to find a group hunting dragons.
  • Keep an eye out for Dragon Bile, Dragon Blood, and Dragon Rhein, which are in high demand and can be sold for a good profit.


Deshaan's Efficient Dolmen Farming

If Alik'r Desert becomes too crowded, consider heading to Deshaan for efficient dolmen farming. This base game zone offers proximity to dolmens and public dungeons, making it a viable alternative.

  • Deshaan is a base game zone with dolmens and world bosses located near wayshrines.
  • You can also farm world events, which are generally easier to contribute to and yield plunder skulls.


Public Dungeons and Delves

Public dungeons are a great choice for farming loot and plunder skulls. Some recommendations include the Forgotten Wastes in Vvardenfell and other public dungeons that offer valuable sets and loot.

  • Public dungeons are excellent for collecting sets that can be sold or added to your sticker book.
  • Consider the Forgotten Wastes in Vvardenfell, which offers high XP and loot rewards.


Delve Boss Farming

For a more relaxed approach, you can focus on farming delve bosses. Find a delve in your preferred zone, kill the boss repeatedly, and enjoy the rewards.

  • Delve boss farming is a low-stress way to collect plunder skulls.
  • It's ideal for those seeking specific sets or simply looking to complete their sticker book.



In the end, your choice of farming location should align with your goals for the Witches Festival. Do you want XP, gold, loot, or a combination of these? Consider what rewards you most desire and choose your farming location accordingly. Whether you're leveling up, seeking riches, or expanding your collection, the Witches Festival offers a variety of opportunities.

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