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Diablo 4 Season 2 Super S-Tier Power of Blood Lance Necromancer Build

Today, we're going to dive deep into the Blood Lance build, which has risen to prominence as an absolute powerhouse in the game, especially in high-end content like tier 100 dungeons and unique bosses. This build harnesses the synergy between Blood Lance, Vampiric powers, and some key skills to create an almost unbeatable character. 


Diablo 4 Season 2 Super S-Tier Power of Blood Lance Necromancer Build


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Gameplay Loop: Blood Lance and Bone Prison

The core of this build revolves around two primary skills: Blood Lance and Bone Prison. Bone Prison creates an arena where enemies are not only trapped but also permanently vulnerable. To make it even better, casting Bone Prison grants you bonus Essence. This synergy is crucial because we need Essence to power our abilities, particularly Blood Lance. The more Essence, the more powerful our Blood Lances become.


Here's how the loop works

  • Cast Bone Prison to trap enemies and make them vulnerable.
  • Use Corpse Tendrils to pull everything together.
  • Unleash your Blood Lances, which will rain down on your enemies from all directions, especially inside the Bone Prison.
  • Since the enemies can't reach you inside the Bone Prison, it's the ultimate bullying build.

But what if your Bone Prison expires? No worries! You have Decrepify to help reduce the cooldown of Bone Prison and amplify damage. If that's not enough, you can rely on Blood Wave to push enemies back and create more Blood Orbs. These Blood Orbs are the lifeblood of this build, as they fuel your Essence and empower your Blood Lances.


The Power of Aspects

Now, let's talk about the key aspects that make this build truly formidable. First, the Goril Aspect is essential because it allows you to consume Blood Orbs to gain more Blood Lances, Fortify, and healing. It also reduces the cooldown of Overpower.


Facing Bosses and Cooldown Reduction

The Blood Lance build isn't just about clearing regular mobs; it's also incredibly effective against bosses. You gain further cooldown reduction on your ultimate thanks to Vampiric powers, making it an ultimate bullying build. You can continuously use your Overpower and keep dishing out damage while staying alive.


Skill Point Allocation

Here's a quick breakdown of skill point allocation to get you started:

  • Hemorrhage: For bonus attack speed.
  • Acolytes Hemorhage: Keep your Essence flowing.
  • Blood Lance: Your primary damage-dealing skill.
  • Supernatural Blood Lance: For the six-time stack.
  • Imperfectly Balanced: For the extra damage bonus.

Max out all the Blood passives to boost your Overpower damage, bonus damage while healthy, and chances for more Blood Orbs. Additionally, invest in Corpse Tendrils for Blighted Corpse Tendrils, which generate bonus Blood Orbs and interact well with Bone Prison. Don't forget to put points into Bone Spirit for Dreadful Bone Spirit, as it helps with Essence generation.


Essential Gear and Stats

Your gear and stats play a critical role in maximizing the potential of this build. Here's what you should be aiming for:

  • Potent Blood: While healthy, Blood Orbs ground for 10 to 20 Essence. Look for this on the Codex of Power.
  • On your rings, aim for maximum life, Overpower damage, physical damage, damage against close enemies, and lucky hit chance.
  • Blood Orbs should reduce your ultimate cooldown by at least 1 second.
  • Blood Lance should consume Blood Orbs to conjure Blood Lances.

Remember that item choices and stat priorities can make a significant difference in your character's power.


Unique Chest Piece: Blood Arin's Carass

This piece is obtainable from Lord Zer with Legion Events or Ggar the Ganic Saint with Hell Tide events in tier 4. Try to get one with the five Blood Orb bonus.


Skills and Aspects

Here's a quick overview of the most critical aspects for your gear:

Blood Wave Multi-Trigger: This helps with creating more Blood Orbs.

  • Ranks in Blood Lance and Overpower damage.
  • For the chest, T-ball's Will or Corus's Blood could be excellent choices.

Metamorphosis: Vampiric Curse and Prey on the Weak

Metamorphosis allows you to curse enemies with Vampiric Curse while dashing, making them vulnerable. Combine this with Prey on the Weak for a 12% damage increase to vulnerable enemies. This damage bonus goes up to 16% at level three.


Additional Aspects

You can experiment with different aspects like Aspect of the AMA for consuming corpses for Blood Orbs. However, it might not be worth it without the right setup.


Glyphs and Talent Trees

Ensure you pick the right glyphs and talent tree nodes to maximize your build's potential. Key glyphs include Blood Drinker for automatic Blood Orb consumption and Control Glyph for damage against stunned and slowed enemies.


Closing Thoughts

The Blood Lance build is a dominating force in Diablo 4, capable of taking on the toughest content the game has to offer. It's a versatile and formidable build that can carry you through the most challenging encounters. So, gear up, allocate your skill points wisely, and become a true powerhouse in Sanctuary.

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