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RuneScape 3 Maximum Farming Gold with Mining Guides

we're diving deep into the world of mining to unearth the most profitable strategies and locations. ranging from high to low-level money-making methods. Plus, keep an eye out for our upcoming series on necromancy and the Road to the Necromancy skill.


RuneScape 3 Maximum Farming Gold with Mining Guides


Let's get started with our mining guide and discover the best spots to mine for profit. First, let's go over the items you'll need to ensure maximum returns.

  • Bonus XP Mining Set: You have two options here. You can obtain the set from the lava flow mine at level 65 with the "King of Dwarves" quest requirement or start collecting Gemstone Golem fragments at level 70. At level 80, you can create it with 20 fragments. The Golem outfit not only provides an XP boost but also allows you to mine in living rock caverns without being attacked.
  • Pickaxe: Always use the best pickaxe you can afford. Consider an augmented pickaxe if your Mining level is between 70 and 80. Bane or necromium pickaxes are also good options, although dragon and the elder rune variants are worthwhile, too, especially when augmented. Keep in mind that better pickaxes yield more XP and higher hourly profits.
  • Porters: Use Porters to deposit ores into the bank. The Premier Artifact, if you have access to it, is a fantastic item to have, providing 50 free Sign of the Porter charges per hour.
  • Perfect Juju Mining Potion: This potion has a 10% chance to act as a porter, making it an excellent choice for an additional profit boost.
  • Bracelet of Clay: This is essential for a specific money-making method we'll cover later in the guide.
  • Stone Spirits: Use these to enhance your mining experience. While some are more beneficial than others, the choice depends on your preference and the specific mining spot.


If you've completed solid skilling endgame content, you can also use the enhancer for a 20% XP bonus. Now, let's delve into the various mining methods that can help you earn big in RuneScape.

  • Aluminite Rock: This method is incredibly AFK and can earn you around 2.7 million Runescape GP per hour. Make sure to use the Grace of the Elves for additional benefits.
  • Iron Ore: With iron ore prices soaring, mining this resource can result in impressive profits of around 3.2 million GP per hour. It's a great choice for lower-level accounts looking to power-train their Mining skill.
  • Living Rock Caverns: Unlock this location at level 77 Mining and make approximately 1.8 million GP per hour. Consider waiting until level 80 to access the more profitable gold rock deposits, which yield around 2.4 million GP per hour.
  • Limestone: Limestone mining has gained popularity due to recent updates, making it a profitable venture. While prices may fluctuate, this method can yield significant profits. Soft clay mining in the Ithell District, enabled by Plague's End, can earn you an astounding 6.7 million GP per hour.


So, there you have it - a comprehensive guide to mining for maximum profit in RuneScape. Whether you prefer an AFK method or are looking for a more active experience, there's a strategy that suits your playstyle. Happy mining, and may your coffers fill with riches! 

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