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Path of Exile Ultimate Val Temple Map Farming Currency Guides

The Val Temple Map is a unique and lucrative map in Path of Exile. It features 10 guarded Val vessels, which are essentially strongboxes packed with intriguing loot. In this guide, we'll show you how to boost the number of these vessels to a staggering 16. While the map's layout may appear challenging at first, we can overcome it by using certain strategies, such as utilizing Ambush scarabs and modifiers. Let's dive into the details of making the most out of the Val Temple Map.


Path of Exile Ultimate Val Temple Map Farming Currency Guides


Valuable Divination Cards

Before diving into the map, let's take a moment to look at the valuable divination cards. One of the standouts is Unrequited Love. To increase your chances of obtaining these cards, consider using divination scarabs. While it's not guaranteed, the potential rewards make it worth the effort.


Optimizing Your Map Setup

To maximize the Val Temple Map's potential, you'll want to include various modifiers. Start by adding five strongbox modifiers, followed by using the Ambush modifier on the map device, which gives you an additional four. This combination ensures a total of nine strongboxes within the map. While there are other options, like The Hoarder's Cache and Noble's Cache scarabs, they come at a high cost. Our approach focuses on cost-effectiveness.


Atlas Strategy

While the Val Temple Map's layout might not be ideal, there is a way to deal with it. The map can be impacted by the Twist of Fate Atlas passive, but this randomly modifies map crafting options and scarabs, which might not be in your best interest. To maintain control, use the Seven-Skies Atlas passive and the Wandering Pass for a 100% increased effect of small Atlas passives. This boosts your map's Quant from 1% to 2%.

Additionally, focus on the Increased Effect of Modifiers on your Non-Unique Maps for a total of 4%. Combining all these elements will increase your guarded Val vessels from 10 to a lucrative 16.


Harvest for More Profit

Consider incorporating a bit of Harvest crafting into your strategy. The "Harvest Tier Three Plant Chance" is excellent for "Wandering Pass" users, doubling the chance for these valuable tier three plants. This also increases your Harvest chances, making it an attractive option.


Strongbox Chance to Reopen

One of the most vital components to enhance your loot quality is the Strongbox Chance to Reopen. Normally at 3 x 2%, this modifier increases it to 3 x 4%. This results in a 12% chance for strongboxes to reopen, making it especially beneficial for Val vessels and Diviner's Strongboxes.


Let's Explore the Map

Now, let's dive into a Val Temple Map together to see the strategies in action. You'll notice the plethora of strongboxes and Val vessels throughout the map. It's essential to clear them efficiently to make the most of your run. Keep your loot filter strict to focus on valuable drops.


The Loot

Throughout the map, you'll encounter a variety of items. Keep an eye out for double-corrupted gems, which can yield significant profits. You'll also find valuable skill gems that can fetch a good price. Divination cards specific to the Val Temple Map can be obtained, but they aren't as common.


Double-Corrupted Uniques

The map is known for dropping a substantial number of double-corrupted uniques. These can be challenging to price, but some, particularly rings, can be quite valuable. Look for items with useful implicits or two enchantments, as they tend to command higher prices.


Currency and Fragments

Currency drops are also significant in the Val Temple Map. You'll accumulate a decent amount of PoE currency while running these maps. Additionally, due to the high number of Val vessels, you'll collect various fragments, which can be sold for profit.



The Val Temple Map offers a unique and potentially lucrative Path of Exile experience. By following our guide and utilizing specific strategies, you can optimize your runs and capitalize on valuable loot. While the map's layout may seem challenging, the rewards make it worthwhile. 

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