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PoE Bows Crafting Guide: Double Crit Multi Bow

Welcome to the world of Path of Exile, where the pursuit of perfection often begins with humble beginnings. In this guide, we will delve into the intriguing story of acquiring and crafting a double crit multi bow and share the meticulous process that transforms a bow with decks into a formidable weapon.


PoE Bows Crafting Guide: Double Crit Multi Bow


The Story Behind the Bow

Our journey starts with the purchase of what was originally a TFT bow, acquired for three mirrors. But why spend such a hefty sum on a bow only to immediately anull it? The answer lies in the importance of decks (or the lack thereof) in our build. Both Sushi and TFT bows come with decks, and for our specific build, that was a problem. Decks simply didn't fit in. So, the decision was made to acquire the bow, strip it of decks, and rebuild it, turning it into a five-mod bow, and finally, a six-mod masterpiece.


The finished product is a double crit multi bow, boasting a remarkable 78% crit multi. Not quite a perfect Divine, but the closest you can get without going overboard. This bow is offered as a free mirror service, as crafting another of its caliber would not be economically viable in the league.


Why No Decks?

Why was the decision made to eliminate decks from the bow? The key reason behind this choice is the use of a jewel called Rational Doctrine. This jewel works wonders in our build, and it requires low-statted decks to be effective. With decks in the bow, Rational Doctrine couldn't be utilized. Therefore, the decision was made to remove the decks, improving the bow not only for the creator but for every BBMF enthusiast out there. It's also an ideal choice for regular BB builds, offering an impressive 44% crit multi.


Crafting the Bow

Crafting this remarkable bow can be broken down into several steps.

  • Preliminary Crafting: Begin with using Essence of Woe until spell damage is the only mod remaining.
  • Suffixes: Proceed to lock in can have two additional crafted modifiers and make sure you cannot roll attack modifiers. Then, you are free to craft any suffix.
  • Exalt Slam: Perform an Exalt Slam to add the coveted +1 to socketed gems.
  • Remove Crafted Mods: Remove all crafted mods, clearing the path for the next phase.
  • Adding Three Modifiers: Now, add Prefixes cannot be changed and block any prefix.
  • Aisling's Veil: Employ Aisling's Veil to guarantee a suffix.
  • Charge Mod: Craft Damage per Frenzy, Endurance, or Power Charge.
  • Veil Unveil: At this point, you aim to unveil Double Damage. While the More Multiplier if you've killed recently mod is useful, Double Damage is the primary target.
  • Prefix Change and Annulling: Craft Prefixes cannot be changed, and then, annull the bow. If you remove the crafted mod, restart the process from step 2. If you remove "Double Damage, return to step 7, Aisling's Veil.


The End Game: Divine Orbs and Locks

Once you've successfully reached the point of having three adjustable modifiers on your bow, it's time to enhance it with Locks. Ideally, you're looking for "Tier 1" or "Tier 2" critical multipliers. "Tier 1" is the best but could be costly, as you won't find many buyers.

With 2,000 weight for "Tier 1" or 76,000 weight for "Tier 2," the chances of hitting your desired mod are approximately 1 in 38 per Lock. This means you might spend around 3,800 to 3,900 Divine Orbs, which can be quite expensive. In this guide, the bow's creator hit "Tier 2," and it took approximately 25 Locks to achieve the desired critical multiplier.

Remember, this process can be expensive, but the reward is a powerful weapon that can be truly worthy of a mirror service.



Mastering the art of crafting in Path of Exile is an arduous but rewarding journey. This guide has provided you with insights into creating a double crit multi bow, while explaining the motivation behind the choice. Whether you're considering crafting your own or seeking a mirror service, we hope this guide has shed light on the intricacies of crafting in Wraeclast.

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