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FFXIV New Job Viper: Key Features and Lore Implications

Greetings, adventurers of Eorzea! The realm is abuzz with excitement as the recent London FanFest unveiled the highly anticipated new job for Final Fantasy XIV, Viper. In this guide, we will delve deep into the implications of this exciting new addition to the game's job roster. From the unique dual-blade weapon to the lore behind the Viper job, we'll cover it all.


FFXIV New Job Viper: Key Features and Lore Implications


The Viper's Twin Blades

The standout feature of the Viper job is its weapon, the dual blades. These are two single-handed swords that can join at the hilt, transforming into a polearm with extended reach. This weapon's design brings a fresh and unique combat style to Eorzea, unlike any other job. It's important to note that the choice of a twin-blade-like weapon may seem unusual from a historical perspective, but it makes sense in the world of Hydaelyn.

FFXIV New Weapon Dual Blades

The historical impracticality of such weapons in the real world was largely due to resource limitations and transportation issues. However, in the fantastical world of Final Fantasy 14, neither of these concerns is relevant. Resources are abundant, and the ability to split the weapon down the middle resolves any transportation problems. As a result, Viper's dual blades become a versatile polearm with significant reach and maneuverability, making it a practical choice for a DPS job.


The Influence of Zidane Tribal

The inspiration for Viper's dual blades can be traced back to Zidane' Tribal, the main character of Final Fantasy IX. In this game, Zidane wields a weapon known as a thief sword that he wields much like the Viper does in the trailer. Zidane is a thief and rogue character, and it's fitting that Viper shares a dexterity-based playstyle, putting it in competition with ninja mains. This connection between Viper and Zidane serves as a nod to Final Fantasy IX and adds depth to the lore of the job.


Viper's Lore and Soul Crystals

Viper is described as a hunter, a time-honored Huntsman of Tural. Their combat style revolves around quick and aggressive techniques designed to pressure their opponents, increasing the chances of their foes making a critical mistake, allowing Viper to deliver a swift finishing blow. This description fits the DPS role perfectly, as Viper relies on ending fights quickly and decisively.


Notably, Viper possesses aged Soul crystals, a significant lore detail. These Soul crystals first appeared during the Third Astral Era, particularly in the heyday of the Allagan Empire. It's unclear when these Soul crystals made their way to the new world, as the Allagan Empire never reached these shores. This leaves room for intriguing lore developments and reveals the job's deep roots in Eorzean history.


Viper also has a unique relationship with their Soul crystals, allowing them to channel the experiences of Huntsmen before them, infusing their bodies with ether for more powerful attacks. This suggests a potential second gimmick for Viper, one that involves the manifestation of ether around the wielder. This mechanic might create unique areas of effect that aid allies or hinder enemies, much like some other job abilities.


The Legacy of Dual Blades

While Viper's twin blades are a fresh addition to the game, it's important to recognize that this fighting style isn't entirely new. In the past, players encountered a similar combat style with Rana, a character introduced in Heavensward. Rana's use of dual blades in combat could hint at a historical connection to the Viper job, although this remains speculation.


Additionally, the character Noah Van Gabranth from the Bosja side quests wields a twin-blade-like weapon, drawing a direct nod to Judge Gabranth in Final Fantasy X. This prompts curiosity about whether the teachings and traditions of Viper influenced the continent of Ilsabard, where these characters originate.



The introduction of the Viper job brings a fresh and intriguing dynamic to Final Fantasy XIV. With its dual blades, unique lore, and potential for rich storytelling, Viper is sure to captivate players seeking an exciting and versatile DPS job. As Dawntril approaches, the anticipation for Viper continues to grow.


As Eorzeans prepare to embrace this new job, speculation and excitement abound. What mysteries will be uncovered about the history of Viper, and how will the twin blades influence the game's ever-evolving narrative? Only time will tell, and adventurers everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of Viper in Final Fantasy XIV.

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