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PoE 3.22 Blade Vortex Powerful AoE Damage Assassin Build

Welcome to this extensive guide on the Blade Vortex Assassin - a formidable choice for players looking to deal massive AoE damage in Path of Exile. In this guide, we'll cover everything from the basics, Poe Currency budget-friendly options, to advanced strategies to optimize your character.


PoE 3.22 Blade Vortex Powerful AoE Damage Assassin Build


Why Choose Assassin for Blade Vortex?

There are two main reasons to opt for the Assassin class when building a Blade Vortex character, especially for magic finding purposes.


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Critical Strike Immunity

In patches filled with RAM and Beyond mobs, crit immunity becomes crucial. Running eight mod maps regularly will expose you to crit mods frequently, and without crit immunity, you're prone to getting one-shot unexpectedly. The Assassin class provides crit immunity, whereas the Occultist does not.


Spell Suppression

With the Passive Skill Tree and gear shown in this guide, the Assassin can achieve spell suppression cap, which is vital for mitigating spell damage. On the other hand, an Occultist would struggle to reach the spell suppression cap due to the lack of appropriate gear and Passive Skill Tree options. Additionally, the Assassin class offers significant damage output through Ambush and Assassinate, making it a superior choice for both defense and offense.


The Berserk Setup

Berserk provides a massive boost to both damage output and movement speed, making it a recommended choice for this build. With a high rage generation rate, you can maintain Berserk's effects consistently, enhancing your overall performance in battles.


Skill Tree and Gear

  • Attack Speed Node: The 8% flask effect from this node is well worth the investment, enhancing your character’s performance for a minimal cost.
  • Call to Arms Keystone: This makes your Enduring Cry instant, providing a quick and efficient way to generate Endurance Charges.
  • Rational Doctrine: A jewel that offers significant benefits when you manage to balance your Strength and Intelligence attributes, providing Profane and Consecrated Ground effects that greatly enhance your damage and survivability.


Clusters and Large Cluster Jewels

We utilize two AOE magnifier and assass dominance clusters, with the option to add a third if desired. Important notables include:

  • Blast Freeze: Provides excellent crowd control through freezing and proliferation.
  • Doryani's Lesson: Offers leech, though you can also achieve leech through your Blade Vortex if you prefer.


Key Gear Pieces

Quiver, Watcher's Eye, and Mastery: These items are crucial for fully converting your damage, which is essential for maximizing the efficiency of Blade Vortex.

  • Mirror Tier Bow: This build shines with a top-tier bow, and luckily, the best one for this league is available for free mirror service. Utilizing a mirror-tier bow ensures your character reaches its full potential.
  • Helmet: A standard triple rarity helmet works well, but ensure you have enough Intelligence to activate Rational Doctrine.


Flask Setup

Tailor your flask setup to suit your needs, balancing movement speed, life regeneration, and magic find as necessary.


Budget Options and Maximizing DPS

If some of the recommended awakened gems are out of your Curency budget, you can opt for their level four versions and adjust your setup accordingly. This change will result in a slight DPS loss but will make the build more accessible for players on a budget.



By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to mastering the Blade Vortex Assassin, a powerhouse of a character capable of decimating foes and providing thrilling gameplay. Whether you’re cruising through maps or taking on challenging bosses, this build has the potential to excel in every aspect of the game.

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