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New World Season 3 Leveling PvP Tracks and Acquiring Azoth Salt Guide

Artifact items have become a game-changer in New World, impacting player builds and playstyles profoundly.  However, many of these powerful artifacts are locked behind PvP tracks, prompting even those who aren't particularly enthusiastic about PvP to dive into this aspect. 


If you are looking to unlock some of the most coveted PvP track artifacts and significantly enhance your builds, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore the three fastest ways to level up your PvP tracks and accumulate Azoth Salt, providing you with detailed insights and tips to optimize your gameplay. 



New World Season 3 Leveling PvP Tracks and Acquiring Azoth Salt Guide


Dominating 3v3 Arenas

The first method we'll discuss is grinding 3v3 arenas. Winning a 3v3 arena rewards you with 2,500 PvP XP and 1,350 Azoth Salt, along with a reward cache. 


On the flip side, losing a match still grants you 500 PvP XP and 350 Azoth Salt. Based on an average match time of 5 minutes and 40 seconds, you can participate in roughly 11 games per hour. 


Assuming a 50% win rate, this method can yield approximately 16,500 PvP XP and 9,350 Azoth Salt per hour. However, with a solid team and higher win rates, these numbers can increase substantially.


PvP Missions in Great Cleave

For those who prefer a less confrontational approach, PvP missions, particularly in Great Cleave, offer a viable alternative. This method is consistent and rewards well, with a full set of three missions providing 1,150 PvP XP, 600 Azoth Salt, and 20 gold. 


With an average completion time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds per set, you can complete around 14 sets per hour. This translates to 14,700 PvP XP, 8,400 Azoth Salt, and 280 gold.


To optimize your runs, follow this sequence: start by grabbing the box for the delivery mission, then loot the five chests required for the third quest


By the time you're done, the timer for the hold mission should also be up. Drop off the box, turn in the quests, and repeat. Utilize escape weapons and the quick mount strap for any unexpected PvP encounters.


Outpost Rush Matches

Outpost Rush matches offer a different set of rewards based on your performance. Winning and scoring over 3,000 points grants you 2,500 PvP XP, 2,000 Azoth Salt, along with faction tokens, NW gold, PVP XP and a chance for Dark Matter. 


Losses still provide rewards based on your points scored. On average, you can complete about three matches per hour, earning approximately 6,750 PvP XP, 4,500 Azoth Salt, and other rewards with a 50% win rate


Bonus Methods

  • Capturing Faction Control Points: You can capture points for 1,100 PVP XP and 300 Azoth Salt each. This method is ideal for short breaks or passive grinding. After capturing ten points in a day, the rewards decrease.
  • Influence Races: Participate in an Influence Race to receive 1,000 PVP XP, 500 Azoth Salt, and 5,000 faction tokens. You only need to deal some damage to players to qualify.



To wrap things up, here's a quick summary to help you decide which method suits you best:


  • 3v3 Arenas: Highest potential rewards, especially with a good team and above 50% win rate.
  • PvP Missions in Great Cleave: Consistent rewards with minimal PvP encounters, ideal for solo players.
  • Outpost Rush Matches : Varied rewards with a fun gameplay experience, though slightly less efficient for leveling PvP tracks.


Whether you're a PvP enthusiast or just looking to unlock those essential artifacts, this guide has got you covered. So gear up, dive in, and start leveling up your PvP tracks today! Happy gaming!

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