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ESO Update 40: Endless Archive, New Class Sets, improvements and additions

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to receive a significant update with the release of Update 40. This update brings a host of changes, both big and small, that will impact the way players experience the game. In this article, we'll delve into the key features and alterations included in Update 40, including the highly anticipated Endless Archive, the introduction of new class sets, and various other improvements and additions.


ESO Update 40: Endless Archive, New Class Sets, improvements and additions


The Endless Archive

The crown jewel of Update 40 is the Endless Archive. This new game mode introduces a thrilling experience reminiscent of a roguelike. You can tackle the Endless Archive either solo, with a companion, or as a duo with another player. In the Endless Archive, you'll discover a wide range of rewards, but let's kick things off by discussing the new class sets that are at the forefront of this update.


New Class Sets

One of the central aspects of the Endless Archive is the acquisition of new class sets. These sets are designed to enhance and diversify your character's abilities. Let's take a closer look at some of the class sets introduced in Update 40:

Sets Skill Line Ability Description
Basalt-Blooded Warrior Earthen Heart Casting Northern Heart grants Rock Stance for 10 seconds on your primary weapon and Molten Stance on your secondary weapon. A versatile set that allows you to switch stances, offering both offensive and defensive benefits. You can maintain the buff on both bars or focus on one specific bonus.
Nobility in Decay Bone Tyrant Casting a Bone Tyrant ability in combat grants Beautiful Corpse and Death's Favor for 16 seconds. A set that boosts your survivability by increasing healing taken and reducing damage taken, depending on your missing health. It also allows you to use yourself as a corpse for abilities that require one.
Soulcleaver Siphoning Increases the damage and healing of siphoning abilities, reduces the cost of siphoning abilities, and drains one ultimate when casting siphoning abilities. While not a top-tier DPS set, it can provide additional healing and damage to siphoning abilities. Ideal for solo play or one-bar setups heavily focused on this skill line.
Monolith of Storms Storm Calling (Detailed feedback and review available in a separate video). Additional information needed.
Wrathsun Dawn's Wrath Dealing damage with Dawn's Wrath abilities grants Sunlight stacks. At max stacks, Dawn's Wrath abilities deal bonus damage and cast Wrathful Nova on the enemy. This set's short 10-second timer can be a challenge, and the automatic placement of "Wrathful Nova" can be problematic. It has potential in specific scenarios but needs adjustments.
Gardener of Seasons Green Balance Gain Herald of Spring and Harbinger of Fall when casting heal abilities while bracing. Herald of Spring provides minor heroism, and Harbinger of Fall applies major cowardice to enemies and minor vitality to allies. This set adds flexibility for Warden healers and tanks. It may not become a PVE meta choice but offers intriguing options.
Reawakened Hierophant Curative Runeform Casting a non-ultimate Curative Runeform ability grants an effect to your effective allies based on the number of cruxes you have. A defensive set that offers major protection and other bonuses, making it an interesting option for group play.


Other Exciting Additions

In addition to the class sets, Update 40 brings a wealth of new content, quality of life improvements, and balance changes:

  • Achievements and Titles: 77 new achievements and three new titles.
  • Mographic Mount: Obtainable after collecting and using 50 mographic iers.
  • Mographic Sker Pet: Obtainable after collecting and using 25 disgusting spoils.
  • Face and Body Markings: Multiple sets of collectible face and body markings.
  • New Vendor: A vendor with rotating stock, offering various items, including Antiquity leads.


Antiquities & Tales of Tribute Patron Deck

Discover 31 new Antiquities added in Update 40, with many of them found within the Endless Archive. The Tales of Tribute Patron Deck can also be obtained within the Endless Archive.


Quality of Life Improvements

The update includes several quality of life improvements, including:

  • Group Finder Tool: A new tool that simplifies group formation for various activities.
  • Grandmaster Crafting Stations: Four new top-tier crafting stations that consume your attuned crafting stations, providing a space-saving solution.
  • Jewelry Crafting Rebalance: Changes to the jewelry crafting system, including the removal of grains and adjustments to crafting rits and prices.
  • Improved Daily Quest Rewards: Enhanced rewards for Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted daily quests.


Combat & Balance Changes

While Update 40 brings fewer balance changes than some previous updates, there are still noteworthy adjustments:

  • Some ultimate abilities now affect up to 12 targets instead of just six.
  • Changes to specific abilities like Dawnbreaker, Crystal Fragments, and various class skills.
  • Alterations to specific sets, including Eis Colar and Pillar of Nirn.



Update 40 is packed with exciting content and improvements for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Endless Archive brings a fresh gaming experience, while the new class sets offer players an opportunity to diversify their characters' abilities. Collectibles, Antiquities, quality of life improvements, and combat balance changes further enhance the game's overall quality. With these changes, Update 40 promises to be a significant update for ESO, offering new challenges and opportunities for players to explore.

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