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New World Patch 3.0.2 Update: Blunderbuss Nerf & Various Positive Changes

New World patch 3.0.2 has arrived, bringing several significant changes to the game. One of the key adjustments is the Blunderbuss nerf, along with various other updates and fixes. In this detailed guide, we'll explore the key updates, focusing on the Blunderbuss nerf and various positive changes, and help you understand their impact on the gameplay. Let's dive in!



New World Patch 3.0.2 Update: Blunderbuss Nerf & Various Positive Changes


PVP Flagging on Alt Characters

In this update, the restriction on PVP flagging for alt characters has been removed. The development team believes that recent changes in influence and other protective measures for Shell companies have lessened the impact of this feature. However, if exploitation is detected, they reserve the right to re-enable the restriction. This change aims to provide more flexibility to players while maintaining a fair gaming environment.


World Experience Fixes

Several World Experience fixes have been implemented. While not all details are provided, these fixes may improve the gaming experience, especially during large group events such as influence races. The improvements aim to address stuttering and other performance issues that occur when numerous players are present simultaneously.


Improved Bandwidth Allocation

This update introduces improved bandwidth allocation for characters in large groups. Although the specifics are not outlined, this enhancement likely optimizes server-side processes to reduce lag and improve gameplay in crowded situations. While the extent of the improvement remains uncertain, it is a welcome addition for players participating in high-player count events.


Lost Stockwatch Artifact Changes

New World Lost Stopwatch Artifact IconLost Stopwatch artifact, obtained from the Depths, now provides additional threat generation, similar to normal taunt gems. This change allows your taunt abilities to activate without requiring additional taunt gems. This means that your gem slots are freed up for other valuable abilities, potentially enhancing your overall damage output.


Artifact Drop Issue Fix

An issue where players couldn't get an artifact to drop again after not picking it up following a disconnect has been fixed. This addresses a frustrating problem where players were locked out of reacquiring the artifact after crashing. While it won't grant the artifact automatically, players can now obtain it as intended.


Artifact Perk Fixes

Several artifact perks have been fixed in this update. Notably, the New World Well Rounded IconWell Rounded perk on the Atuned Leather Pants artifact now correctly provides +10 to all stats. These fixes ensure that artifact perks work as intended, enhancing your character's capabilities.


Buffs to Heart Runes

Three heart runes receive damage buffs in this update: the Dark Ascent's damage is increased by 20%, Fire Stone's damage by 33%, and the Dev heart rune's damage by 26%. These changes may impact gameplay, particularly in PvE scenarios. It's worth noting that the Dev heart rune's accessibility behind the Worm raises concerns about game balance.


Blunderbuss Nerf Explained

The Blunderbuss has had its base damage in PvP reduced from -9% to -12%, resulting in a 3% reduction in damage output. While it might appear as a minor change, the impact can be significant. The reduction affects auto attacks and abilities, potentially altering the weapon's performance. The development team acknowledges the Blunderbuss as a challenging weapon to balance, as an excessive nerf could render it ineffective. However, such a dominant weapon might require this adjustment to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience.


Other Weapon Fixes

The update includes fixes for various weapons, including the Ice Gauntlet and Furry Fleeting Strikes upgrade. Notably, the latter has been broken since a previous update, and this fix may significantly boost the Rapier's power, making it an even more dominant DPS weapon in PvE.


Aversion Changes

Physical and Elemental aversion perks now offer increased protection, changing from 4.2% to 4.5%. This adjustment might encourage melee users to stick with Enchanted Ward and incentivize ranged users to adopt Aversion perks. While a 0.3% increase might not seem substantial, it could become impactful when combined with multiple instances.


Damage Conditioning Buff

The Damage Conditioning perk, which reduces damage from specific sources (e.g., slash or fire), receives a buff, increasing the reduction from 8% to 10% for players with two pieces of the perk. This change may promote defensive perk choices and adaptability to counter certain damage types.


Slowing Tether Adjustment

The New World Slowing Tether IconSlowing Tether perk now applies a cooldown of 1 second to the Tumbler Foot Shing Blessing perk. Previously, it triggered multiple dodges in rapid succession. This change limits the effectiveness of the perk in quickly accumulating Light Attack, offering a more balanced gameplay experience.


Healthy Toast Nerf

The New World Healthy Toast IconHealthy Toast perk sees a nerf, changing the percentage from Max Health to 15% of Base Health. This significant adjustment may reduce its appeal, especially since Base Health is generally lower, making it less effective for tanky builds.


Tumbler Foot Wraps Change

Tumbler Foot Wraps are getting a 1-second cooldown on the New World Shing Blessing Icon Shing Blessing perk, limiting the rapid consecutive dodges. While this adjustment targets the rapid acquisition of Light Attack, it aims to strike a balance between the strength of artifacts and gameplay fairness.


Shen Heels Fix and Nerf

Shen Heels is getting fixed, addressing issues with its percentage scaling based on gear score. The fix brings it in line with the intended 1.5% scaling. This fix effectively halves its effectiveness, making it a more balanced choice for healing, particularly in PvP scenarios.


Miscellaneous Changes

The patch includes various other changes, including economy and progression adjustments, fixes to crafting costs, and minor bug fixes. These smaller changes may not significantly impact gameplay but contribute to an overall improved gaming experience.


Crafting Updates

The update reduces the crafting cost of new world gold in conversions, addressing a previous expensive gold cost. This adjustment aims to make crafting more accessible and affordable for players, which is particularly valuable for in-game progression.


Seasonal Changes

Some seasonal changes, such as the removal of the complete Mount race, are mentioned. While these changes might not significantly impact most players, they address quality of life issues and potential frustrations.


Marks of Fortune Exchange Rate

The exchange rate for Marks of Fortune is adjusted for regions outside the United States. While the exact impact of this change on players remains uncertain, it is important to be aware of potential differences in the cost of these items based on your region.



In total, the New World patch 3.0.2 brings a variety of changes, ranging from PVP flagging on alt characters to significant weapon adjustments, including the Blunderbuss nerf. These changes aim to enhance gameplay balance, fix various issues, and make the game more enjoyable for all players. Keep an eye on these changes, experiment with different builds, and adapt to the evolving meta in New World. Enjoy your adventures in Aeternum!

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