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PoE 3.22 Powerful Absolution Radiant Sentinel Guardian Build

Where we dive into a powerful Path of Exile build - the Radiant Sentinel Guardian. In this guide, we'll show you how to reach level 90 with minimal investment, making it perfect for tackling events like the Crangle Event and securing valuable rewards. While this build may not conquer the very endgame content, it's designed to comfortably navigate red Maps, secure Void Stones, and keep you entertained during week-long events. 


PoE 3.22 Powerful Absolution Radiant Sentinel Guardian Build


Gameplay and Strategy

Summon your Radiant Sentinel (assigned to a convenient hotkey) when entering a map. The primary skill you'll use is Absolution, which spawns Absolution minions and Elemental relics, although the latter isn't mandatory for this build to work effectively. With your block scaling, decent armor, and numerous minions, you'll find that you're rarely hit.


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Ascendancy Choice

The core of this build lies in the Radiant Sentinel in the Guardian Ascendancy. This ascendancy offers incredible utility and damage potential for normal content, and with some investment, it can handle challenging encounters as well. The key node you'll want to prioritize is the one that grants the Radiant Sentinel skill, which becomes available after your first lab. This skill not only deals substantial damage but also transfers 20% of damage taken from hits to your Sentinel, which boasts around 150,000 hit points, ensuring your safety.


Additional Ascendancy Nodes

  • Unwavering Crusade: This node grants a chance to summon Elemental relics when you hit or kill enemies nearby. These relics provide Anger, Wrath, and Hatred Auras at level 27. While they won't directly boost your Sentinel's damage, they enhance your other minions and you, adding extra DPS for free.
  • Radiant Faith: It offers some armor and more importantly, energy Shield, which you'll use to cast your skills.
  • Bastion of Hope: This node provides a significant boost to attack block and spell block, making it easier to reach the cap for spell block.


Pantheon Choices

  • Major Pantheon: "Cannot be Frozen" is a must-have, and you can aim for "Reduced Effect of Chill" in higher-tier maps. If you can't find it on your gear, consider crafting it.
  • Minor Pantheon: Opt for Less Ignite Duration. Since you'll be running an aura that prevents you from being shocked, reducing the duration of ignites will enhance your overall experience.



While leveling, you can start with either SRS or Absolution as your primary skill. Keep in mind that the build might feel a bit clunky until you obtain your first ascendancy, but it offers a safe leveling experience. Check the provided skill tree and gem links for guidance on how to progress as you level up.


Gear Recommendations

The Radiant Sentinel Guardian build is forgiving when it comes to gear. While leveling, you can get by with a simple four-link setup. Later, you can invest in a five-link if needed, but a six-link may not significantly boost your damage. The essential gear aspect is the use of Essences of Fear to obtain items with Minion Damage and Minion Life modifiers. Focus on life and resistance gear to ensure your survivability.


Key Gear Item: Convoking Wand

Craft a Convoking Wand with an Essence of Fear to gain a whopping 100% increased minion damage. Then, add a Trigger Socketed Spells craft to automate your Offering skills and curses through this wand. This setup simplifies your gameplay, allowing you to focus on the action.


Map Clearing

During map clearing, tag enemies with Absolution and let your Sentinel and other minions take care of the rest. Your Sentinel's aura has a wide radius, covering most of the screen, making it easy to eliminate foes as you progress. Remember to have Convocation on your left-click button to ensure your Sentinel stays close since it moves slowly.


Single Target Damage

While the build excels at clearing maps for Poe Currency, its single-target damage may leave you wanting more. When facing tougher bosses, keep your distance and let your minions draw aggro. Use Absolution on the boss while avoiding their attacks. The fight may take a bit longer, but your Sentinel's damage and your minions should get the job done.


Skill and Gem Setup

Here's a breakdown of essential gem setups:

  • Absolution (6-link): Minion Damage, Added Lightning Damage, Spell Echo, Lightning Penetration, Hypothermia (for 6-link), Faster Casting (for 5-link).
  • Shield Charge (4-link): Faster Attacks, Infernal Cry.
  • Convocation: Assign this skill to your left-click button to easily bring your Sentinel back to you.
  • Animate Guardian (4-link): Raise Spectre, Raise Zombie, Feeding Frenzy.
  • Spectres (Raise Spectre): Carnage Chieftain and Host Chieftain for frenzy and power charges.
  • Desecrate, Flesh Offering, and Elemental Weakness: Set up a trigger wand to automate these skills.
  • Auras: Stone Golem, Determination, Flame Dash, Vitality, Tempest Shield, Defiance Banner, Summon Skitterbots.


Mana Reservation

To fit all these auras, you'll need to invest in Eldritch Battery and take the Mana Mastery node for increased reservation efficiency.

The Mana nodes in the tree can help further reduce your skill costs.


Animate Guardian and Specters Setup Guide

Learn how to summon your Animate Guardian and Specters effectively.

Collect the gear that provides bonuses to allies and increase your Guardian's survivability.



The Radiant Sentinel Guardian build offers an accessible and powerful way to reach level 90 and tackle events like the Crangle Event. It's not intended for Uber Elder or Maven encounters but excels in clearing maps and securing your first two Void Stones. Follow the recommended ascendancy, gear, and gem setups to maximize your effectiveness and enjoy your time in Wraeclast.

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