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Runescape 3 Necromancy Combat Beta Guides

We're going to delve into the intricate world of Runescape 3, focusing on the recent tweaks to necromancy and the ongoing combat beta. Whether you're an endgame PvMer or someone just starting out, this guide is crafted to provide valuable insights and help you navigate these changes with ease.


Runescape 3 Necromancy Combat Beta Guides


Necromancy: From Overpowered to Balanced

At its inception, necromancy was undeniably potent, prompting the developers at Jagex to implement substantial nerfs. However, in a surprising turn of events, they've decided to reevaluate their decision, opting for a balanced approach by buffing other combat styles. This has sparked curiosity and speculation within the community, but Jagex has assuredly taken a proactive stance by introducing a beta for these combat changes.


The Beta and its Implications

The combat beta serves as a testing ground, particularly focusing on the increased hit cap of all combat styles from 12K (or 10K without a grimoire) to a whopping 30K, putting them on par with necromancy. In addition to this, critical hits and hit chances are undergoing refinements, though we will delve into those complexities in a future discussion. For now, it's vital to understand that these changes herald a wave of opportunities for profit and enhancement in combat proficiency.


The Economic Ripple Effect

With changes in combat mechanics come shifts in the in-game economy. Endgame items, special attack weapons, and certain armor sets are expected to see a significant increase in value. For example, the Dragon Claws, obtained from Tormented Demons post While Guthix Sleeps, are poised to receive a substantial buff. Similarly, engaging in Elite Dungeons, especially the third iteration, can yield lucrative rewards such as the Eldritch Crossbow.


Skill Up, Cash In

For those who may feel overwhelmed by the high-level content, the beta serves as a risk-free environment to hone your skills. Engaging with challenging bosses during the beta won't deplete your resources, allowing you to translate this experience into substantial Runscape Gold profits in the main game.


Verdict on the Beta

Although it is still early to draw definitive conclusions, initial observations suggest a promising balance between necromancy and other combat styles. Melee appears to shine in speed kills and shorter encounters, while range and magic demonstrate their prowess in prolonged battles. Necromancy remains a user-friendly option, ideal for those easing into PvM.


In conclusion, the ongoing beta and the changes it introduces are a testament to Jagex's commitment to balanced and engaging gameplay. By participating in the beta, embracing the learning curve, and keeping an eye on the market, players stand to gain both in terms of skill and wealth. 

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