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Which are the Best New PoE 3.22 Support Gems?

The 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League in Path of Exile brought with it a plethora of new content, including 14 innovative support gems. Prior to the league's inception, the Path of Exile community was abuzz with speculation and anticipation, particularly surrounding gems such as Controlled Blaze, Trauma, and Sadism. Now that the league has unfolded, it's time to evaluate the performance of these new additions in the game's ever-evolving meta.


Which are the Best New PoE 3.22 Support Gems?


Tier S

  • Returning Projectile Support: Emerging as the star of the league, this gem has found its way into approximately 6% of all builds, particularly shining in DeadEye ascendancies and builds like Lightning Arrow and Artillery Ballista. Its compatibility with previous league favorites ensures its top-tier status, despite slight nerfs to related builds.
  • Volatility Support: With a 4% play rate, Volatility has shown versatility across various ascendancies and builds, from Smite to Lightning Strike. It's proven especially potent for lightning damage-focused attack builds, capitalizing on their high damage potential.
  • Guardians Blessing: Boasting a 2% play rate, Guardians Blessing has exceeded expectations, providing substantial benefits in the right setups, such as with Animate Guardian, various minion builds, and Shockwave Totem.


Tier A

  • Spellblade: Holding a 1% play rate, this gem has found a home in Energy Blade Inquisitor builds, though it hasn't quite reached the popularity of the top-tier supports.
  • Trauma: At 0.6%, Trauma's potential is somewhat hampered by the current state of melee builds, but it still finds usage in specific scenarios.
  • Corrupting Cry and Fresh Meat: These gems are just making the cut, with play rates of 0.4% and 0.3% respectively, finding niche uses in certain build variations.


Tier C

  • Flamewood, Sacrifice, and Sadism: Each of these gems has struggled to find their place in the current meta, each sitting at a meager 0.1% play rate or below. Flamewood and Sadism, despite their potential, were particularly impacted by balance issues and the 80% less ailment duration on Sadism.
  • Controlled Blaze and Locust Mines: Both gems hover around 0.05% play rate, with Controlled Blaze's mechanics proving to be a bit awkward for ignite builds, and Locust Mines taking time to find its footing in the meta.
  • Frigid Bond and Devour: These gems sit at the bottom with a 0.03% play rate. While Frigid Bond offers substantial damage, its co-op playstyle and minion setup proved unpopular. Devour's recovery and corpse denial mechanics didn't resonate well with the current meta's demands.



The 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League has undoubtedly shaken up the Path of Exile meta, with some gems rising to prominence while others have fallen by the wayside. The varied performance and adoption of these new support gems highlight the dynamic nature of the game and the community's ability to adapt and innovate.

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