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PoE Efficient Farming Essence Balance Between Efficiency and Fun Guides

In this Path of Exile guide, we'll explore an effective method for farming Essences that balances profitability with an enjoyable gameplay experience. While it might not be the absolute most Poe currency efficient approach, it's a strategy I personally find satisfying.



PoE Efficient Farming Essence Balance Between Efficiency and Fun Guides


Essence Farming Strategy

For the past few weeks, I've been heavily focused on farming Harvest and Delirium content to sell Delirium Orbs for profit and stock up on Harvest juice for my personal use. However, as I started planning my second build after a two-month hiatus, I realized I'd need a significant number of Essences to craft baseline gear for my new character. Since I prefer not to buy Essences in bulk, manual farming was my preferred option.


The challenge with farming Essences is that it's most efficient when combined with specific notable passives on the Atlas tree. These passives are simply too powerful to ignore. Unfortunately, the most efficient way to farm Essences can also be quite tedious. To make matters more complicated, maintaining high-tier maps without those notable passives can be challenging. So, I decided to farm Essences in Tier 16 maps as a compromise.


Atlas Tree Optimization

To maximize my Essence farming efficiency, I reallocated my Atlas tree points to focus on the Essence nodes, excluding a few remnant passives. The saving grace of this strategy is that you don't rely on a chance to encounter Essences; there are guaranteed opportunities. You can find at least one Essence from the Atlas tree, two from the map device, and a 20% chance to encounter an additional Essence monster. Furthermore, for each Essence monster encountered, there's a 25% chance to contain an additional Essence, a 15% chance for three additional Essences, and monsters with shaking Essences will be duplicated. Unfortunately, these passives are only accessible through notable passives, which is why we forgo the Wandering Path Keystone.


Atlas Tree:



Singular Focus Keystone

An additional adjustment I made to my Atlas tree was to allocate Singular Focus. Since I primarily focus on Strand and Beach maps, this Keystone helps boost my farming returns. If you're new to Essence farming, remember to always apply your Remnant of Corruptions to Essence monsters with purple Essences (Essence of Misery, Envy, Dread, and Scorn). These are often referred to as meds, and they yield better results.


Remnant Management

While I currently have an ample supply of remnants in my stash for purple Essences, I haven't allocated the Remnant nodes on my Atlas tree. As a result, my supply is depleting rapidly. However, since Essence farming isn't my favorite strategy, grinding out these Essences until I run out of remnants is sufficient for me.


Delirium Notable Passives

In addition to the Essence nodes on my Atlas tree, I've started allocating the Delirium notable passives. I love farming Delirium orbs in Tier 16 maps, and this serves as my current source of income while building up my Essence supply. Keep in mind that farming Delirium without the Wandering Path Keystone may result in fewer encounters and reduced drop rates, as I've experienced. This is due to the decreased chance of encountering Delirium mirrors.



In summary, this strategy strikes a balance between profitability and enjoyment. It may not be as lucrative as combining Essence farming with Einhar Beast farming in white-tier maps, but it avoids the hassle of dealing with low-tier maps and Einhar's mechanics. I hope you find this guide helpful for your Essence farming endeavors. 

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