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ESO Best PVP New Class Sets | Update 40: Tier List & Ranking

With the release of update 40 in The Elder Scrolls Online, 7 new class sets have been introduced, one for each class. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at these new class sets, assess their performance in PVP, and compare them to the current best sets for player-versus-player combat. We'll also discuss the potential impact of these sets on the current PVP meta and how to make the most of them for those who want to use them, even for their visual appeal.


ESO Best PVP New Class Sets | Update 40: Tier List & Ranking


PVP Balance Stalemate

Before delving into the new class sets, it's crucial to acknowledge the current state of PVP balance in ESO. Many classes are running similar playstyles, often relying on the same sets, such as proc sets like Master Dual Wield and strong defensive sets like Ring of the Pale Order and R-Fatality. This has led to a somewhat stagnant PVP meta with a lack of originality in builds and diminished class identity. While new class sets may seem like a solution, they might only be a temporary fix for the underlying issues.


New Class Sets Tier List

Tier Class
S Dragonknight Set
A Necromancer Set
B Nightblade Set
Arcanist Set
C Warden Set
D Templar Set
F Sorcerer Set


Sorcerer Set: Monolith of Storms

A stationary proc set that creates three lightning pillars, dealing minor damage to enemies standing within.

Performance: Extremely low damage output, awkward proc requirements, and easy to avoid. Unsuitable for PVP.

Guild Wars 2 Monolith of Storms Set


Templar Set: Wrathsun (D Tier)

Provides various mechanics that enhance magicka regeneration and offer a chance to trigger a Nova Templar ultimate.

Performance: Lengthy time to build stacks for ultimate proc, making it impractical in most PVP situations.

Guild Wars 2 Wrathsun Set


Warden Set: Gardener of Seasons

Offers buffs to healing, survivability, and reduced damage taken based on different states.

Performance: Outperformed by existing sets like Skoria's Madness and lacks a clear role in PVP.

Guild Wars 2 Gardener of Seasons Set


Arcanist Set: Reawakened Hierophant

Provides survivability buffs based on the number of Curses or Restores in your group.

Performance: Offers interesting buffs but may require skill swaps and doesn't excel in all situations.

Guild Wars 2 Reawakened Hierophant Set


Nightblade Set: Soulcleaver

Buffs certain Nightblade skills and promotes niche playstyles.

Performance: Beneficial for specific builds that rely on the buffed skills but not a universal choice for Nightblades.

Guild Wars 2 Soulcleaver Set


Necromancer Set: Nobility in Decay

Introduces unique mechanics like treating yourself as a corpse, healing, and damage reduction.

Performance: Better suited for survivability than damage, and may not address the class's main issues in PVP.

Guild Wars 2 Nobiliity in Decay Set


Dragonknight Set: Basalt-Bloodied Warrior

Offers major heroism and increased healing on the front and back bars.

Performance: A flexible and strong set for Dragonknights, providing excellent utility for both single-bar and double-bar setups.

Guild Wars 2 Basalt-Bloodied Warrior Set



While these sets aim to inject freshness into the game's PVP meta, their impact varies. Some sets, like the Sorcerer and Templar sets, appear impractical for PVP, while others, such as the Nightblade and Necromancer sets, introduce interesting playstyle options. 


However, it's vital to remember that these new class sets may not fully address the broader issues of class identity and balance in ESO's PVP. The Dragonknight set, Bazal's Bloodied Warrior, emerges as a versatile and strong option, providing significant utility for Dragonknight players in PVP. As the PVP meta continues to evolve, it's essential for players to assess these new class sets' performance and choose the one that complements their preferred playstyle and class strengths.

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