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Path of Exile Farming Divine Orbs with Grand Design Keystone Strategy

We're diving into a comprehensive guide on accumulating PoE Divine Orbs, focusing on a farming strategy called The Grand Design. Over the course of this article, we'll explore the map setup, Atlas adjustments, and other aspects to maximize your profit. Let's get started.


Path of Exile Farming Divine Orbs with Grand Design Keystone Strategy


The Grand Design Strategy

The Grand Design is a farming strategy aimed at accumulating Divine Orbs. We've tested various methods, and here's what we've found most effective:



- Map Setup

  • Start with the Atlas, specifically targeting pack size increases using notable and small passive skills.
  • Utilize Alters to spawn more Searing Exarch monsters.
  • Increase the number of Alters per map.
  • Opt for the Niko's Compass and Pact With Energy and Mining Byproducts notes to speed up map runs.


Atlas Tree:



- Loot and Results

  • After running 100 maps with The Grand Design and focusing on Essences, we accumulated Divine Orbs, Exalts, various currencies, Essences, and other valuable drops.
  • Keep an eye out for Divines from currencies, Essence scarabs, and delirium loot.
  • We also obtained Catalysts, Forbidden Tomes invitations, and several decent drops.


Investment and Profit

Let's break down the investment and profit you can expect from The Grand Design strategy:


- Investment

The cost per map hovers around 14 Chaos Orbs.

Utilize chisels, sextants, and alchemy orbs for better results.


- Profit

Without considering lucky drops, the profit per map is around 75 Chaos Orbs.

With lucky drops included, it can go up to 88 Chaos Orbs per map.


Diminishing Returns and Future Testing

We encountered some unexpected results during our testing, indicating that pack size may have diminishing returns. Further investigation is required to clarify this aspect. We plan to run more tests next league to provide a more comprehensive analysis.


Comparing Strategies

We've explored multiple farming strategies during the Trial of the Ancestors league, including The Grand Design, Contracts, Unusual Gem Blueprints, Ritual, and Harvest.

Here's a quick comparison:

  • Contracts and Unusual Gem Blueprints: 10 Divine Orbs per hour with lucky drops included.
  • Ritual: 10 Divine Orbs per hour with GG items, 6 Divine Orbs per hour without.
  • Harvest: Enjoyable and profitable, with up to 14 Divine Orbs per hour in high investment setups.
  • Heist: Fun but became repetitive.
  • Diminishing Returns: We noticed that the pack size may not work as expected.



In conclusion, The Grand Design strategy offers a viable path to accumulate Divine Orbs efficiently. While some diminishing returns might exist, it remains a promising method. Keep an eye on further updates and testing in the future leagues.

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