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Path of Exile Crafting Top-tier Quiver Step-by-Step Guides

Welcome to this detailed player guide on crafting an exceptional quiver in Path of Exile. If you've been following the journey, you know it's been a tumultuous process, but with perseverance, the right strategy can lead to impressive results. Below, I'll break down the steps to create a quiver that stands out in Wraeclast.


Path of Exile Crafting Top-tier Quiver Step-by-Step Guides


Step 1: Essence Crafting

Our journey begins with the Essence of Torment to surpass the Tier 1 (T1) lightning roll. The goal is to hit +1 Arrow, a critical mod for many builds, with odds sitting at 1 in 114. This can be a tedious process, but patience is key.


Step 2: Locking Suffixes

Once the desired +1 Arrow is obtained, the next move is to lock the suffixes. This is done to preserve the valuable mods while we continue crafting the prefixes.



Step 3: Slamming and Annuling

The method here involves slamming a non-attack prefix to increase the chance of obtaining desirable mods. If you hit an unwanted Dex mod, it's crucial to annul it. This part of the process can feel like a battle against RNG, requiring several attempts and potentially leading to frustration. However, the right move is to stay calm and continue the grind.



Step 4: Augmenting Crit

Here, we augment critical mods. This step can be risky since it might remove a crucial mod, but it's a necessary gamble to achieve the best possible outcomes. If you're unlucky, don't despair. You may need to augment crit multiple times, always mindful of the chance to remove the wrong mod.



Step 5: Exalting

The classic finish involves exalting the quiver while ensuring it cannot roll attack mods. This step is about fine-tuning for that extra edge, which might only lead to a slight DPS increase but can be worth the effort for the perfect quiver.



Step 6: The RNG Rollercoaster

Throughout this process, you'll experience highs and lows, like the agony of hitting unwanted mods and the thrill of printing House of Mirrors cards. It's essential to keep your spirits up and ride the RNG rollercoaster with a strategic mindset.


Step 7: Finishing Touches

After all the crafting is complete, it's time to poe divine your quiver. This final step is about tweaking the mods to perfection. Remember, Divining prefixes with excellent rolls can be as rare as 1 in 152, so it's crucial to decide when to settle.



After what feels like an eternity, the quiver is complete. This guide followed the process from the ground up, illustrating that with determination and a bit of luck, you can craft gear that challenges the odds. The increase in DPS might seem marginal, but in Path of Exile, every little bit counts, especially when you're aiming to maximize your build's potential.

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