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PoE 3.22 Armor Stacker 8M EHP Smite Chieftain Most Formidable Build

Are you ready to dive into one of the most formidable and costly Path of Exile builds available? In this guide, we'll explore the Armor Stacker Chieftain, utilizing Smite as its primary skill, making it a force to be reckoned with in the 3.12 Ancestors League. Get ready to learn how to achieve over 8M Effective Hit Points (EHP) and unleash massive damage potential.



PoE 3.22 Armor Stacker 8M EHP Smite Chieftain Most Formidable Build


Why Choose the Armor Stacker Chieftain?

This build is not for the faint of heart, but its rewards are worth the investment. Here's why you should consider playing it:

  • Versatility: The Armor Stacker Chieftain can tackle various content, from mapping to uber bosses and deep delves.
  • Insane Damage: With careful gearing and skill choices, you can reach astonishing damage levels.
  • Tankiness: Boasting over 800,000 EHP, this build can withstand most challenges.
  • Expensive but Rewarding: While it's not budget-friendly, the investment pays off in spades.


Build Overview

The Armor Stacker Chieftain is centered around stacking armor and resistance. It combines Grace and Determination for exceptional defensive capabilities while converting elemental damage into chaos damage through Smite.


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The Smite Connection

Despite its melee focus, this build relies on Smite as a damage activator. Smite provides a significant buff, allowing other skills like Lightning Strike to deal double or triple damage when used in conjunction.



Before delving into the build specifics, it's essential to acknowledge two players who inspired and contributed to this build's development: Big Daddy and SEK. Big Daddy's Transcendence version of the build is noteworthy, while SEK's Armor Stacker Chieftain Tain build serves as a foundation for this guide. Links to their channels can be found in the description for further insights.



Gearing Up

The key to this build's success lies in meticulously gearing your character:

  • Grasping Mail: This unique chest, obtainable from Chayula or through the vendor recipe, provides modifiers that double armor based on fire resistance and increase evasion based on cold resistance.
  • Replica Dream Feathers: Equipped in both weapon slots, these swords grant 1% increased attack damage per 450 armor.
  • Resolute Technique: Since we focus on armor and resistances, going crit isn't necessary. Resolute Technique ensures your attacks always hit.
  • Precise Technique: A skill node that grants a 40% more attack damage multiplier if your accuracy rating exceeds your maximum life.
  • Unwavering Stance: This keystone makes you immune to stun and ensures you never evade attacks.


Skill Gem Setup

  • Helmet: Smite (Empower Level 4), Inspiration Support, Void Manipulation Support, Elemental Focus Support, Multistrike Support, Smite (Level 21).
  • Gloves: Spirit Offering, Defiance Banner, Period of Elements, Haste.
  • Boots: Berserk (level 21), Empower (level 4), Inspiration Support, Grace.
  • Main Weapons: Leap Slam, Molten Shell, Item Rarity Support, Blood Magic Support.


Passive Tree and Jewels

The passive tree emphasizes increased aura effect, focusing on defense and damage. Triple one-passive Voices with Introspection jewels are essential for amplifying aura effectiveness. The Brutal Restraint and Forbidden Flame Timeless jewels provide additional benefits.


Survivability and Defenses

  • Evasion Rating: Over 7,000 evasion rating that gets converted into armor.
  • Maximum Resistances: Achieve maximum fire resistance to gain substantial cold and lightning resistance bonuses.
  • Energy Shield: Utilize Wicked Ward to allow energy shield recharge during combat.
  • Grace and Determination: These auras contribute to your overall tankiness.


Flask Setup

  • Taste of Hate
  • Basalt Flask
  • Quicksilver Flask (Mapping)
  • Ruby Flask (Bossing)
  • Jade Flask (Bossing)
  • Seething Divine Life Flask (for instant healing)




For cosmetics, you can opt for the Kitava Supporter Pack, which provides stunning armor and weapon skins. The Blood Soaked Character Effect adds the final touch to this impressive look.



The Armor Stacker Chieftain using Smite is a powerhouse build in Path of Exile, capable of tackling any challenge the game throws at you. While it's not a budget-friendly choice, the investment in gear and skills pays off immensely. Follow this guide, study the passive tree, and gear up wisely, and you'll have one of the strongest characters in the game. Enjoy the Ancestors League and your journey with this incredible build!

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