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Diablo 4 S2 Boss Fights Blood Necromancer Build

Welcome to the definitive guide for the Season 2 Blood Necromancer build in Diablo 4. This build leverages the latest Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul and gear to create an auto-casting powerhouse capable of immense damage and impressive durability. Let's dive into the key components, strategies, and nuances of mastering this build.



Diablo 4 S2 Boss Fights Blood Necromancer Build


Key Build Components

  • Rings: The build utilizes Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul that auto-cast Corpse Explosion and Alo Corps Teno, creating a continuous cycle of damage.
  • Chest Armor: The chosen chest piece boosts barrier damage reduction, enhancing overall survivability, alongside improved damage and lucky hit chances.
  • Blood Moon Bridges: A crucial item, these bridges amplify overpower damage by 70% when cursing enemies, which is done through skill casts rather than minions.
  • Banish Lord of Talman: This item significantly increases overpower damage.


Build Playstyle and Strategy

  • Durability and Damage: By casting Bone Stone, you generate additional barriers, contributing to the build's resilience. Auto-casting with Corpse Explosion maintains maximum Essence, further enhancing the build’s efficiency.
  • Spell Rotation: Key spells include Bone Shield and dashing into enemies. This approach reduces cooldowns and maintains damage output.
  • Boss Fights: The build excels in handling large groups of enemies and bosses, thanks to its high damage output and defensive capabilities.


Build Planner:


Itemization and Adjustments

  • Unique Items: The build integrates unique items like Lidless Wal, overpower ulet, and flicker step, coupled with so brand chest and blood moon branches, to achieve high overpower damage, critical chance, and critical damage.
  • Legendary Items: These are selected to convert Bone Stone into additional barriers, increase critical chances, and augment blood lens from blood ops.


Build Focus and Stats

  • Primary Focus: Overpower and maximum HP are the core focus, with resistance adjustments as needed.
  • Glyphs and Criticals: Glyphs should prioritize overpower, critical strike, and critical damage. Corpse Teno significantly boosts critical chances.


Skill and Paragon Points

  • Skills: Key skills include consuming more corpses for essence.
  • Paragon Points: Detailed in the build guide, they should focus on maximizing overpower and other critical stats.


Gameplay Loop and Adjustments

  • Initial Engagement: Cast cight on enemies before engagement, followed by corps skills or bone storm.
  • Cooldown Management: Dash into enemies to reduce bone storm cooldowns. Use blood mist to manage corpses and mitigate damage.
  • Flexibility: The build works as a melee or range mage, adaptable to dungeon difficulty levels.


Replay Analysis and Future Updates

  • Testing Results: The build's durability and resistance were tested in high-tier dungeons, showing impressive performance even against enemies with doubled HP.
  • Potential Vulnerabilities: Without proper protection from bone storm or barriers, there is a risk of being one-shotted.
  • Future Enhancements: The guide will be updated for future boss fights and higher-tier content, with optimizations for blood mage builds.



The Blood Necromancer build for Season 2 in Diablo 4 offers a compelling mix of high damage output, durability, and strategic gameplay. Its adaptability across various dungeon levels and against bosses makes it a formidable choice for any player. Stay tuned for future updates and optimizations to further enhance this powerful build.

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