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ESO Endless Archive Solo Builds: Top 5 Best For Picking

Hey everybody, welcome back! The Endless Archive for The Elder Scrolls Online is live for PC, Xbox, and Playstation! This exciting and challenging solo and duo content is entirely free for everyone – no DLC required. Let's jump into the top 5 solo builds for conquering the Endless Archive. These builds are not only potent for solo playthroughs but can be easily adapted for duos or solo with a companion. 



ESO Endless Archive Solo Builds: Top 5 Best For Picking


Top1. Magicka Nightblade Blood Mage Build

Survival and self-healing take center stage with this build. Magicka Nightblades are already masters in these areas, and with the carefully chosen sets, they become virtually unkillable. We're leaning into a heavy armor playstyle, showcasing that tankiness can be combined with excellent solo performance.

ESO Endless Archive Blood Mage Magicka Nightblade Build



  • Bahra's Curse (Heavy Armor): Heals you for each enemy in its rune.
  • Briarheart (Front/Back Bar): Extra damage and minor healing on Critical Hits.
  • Earth Gore (Monster Set): On-demand burst heal when health drops below 50%.



  • Front Bar: Impale, Inner Light, Sap Essence, Concealed Weapon, Merciless Resolve (Ultimate: Soul Harvest)
  • Back Bar: Elemental Blockade, Twisting Path, Swallow Soul, Structured Entropy, Siphoning Attacks (Ultimate: Soul Tether)


Watch the gameplay for a simplified combat approach, ensuring your survival through consistent healing and mitigation. Experiment with skill variations, making this build not just powerful but also uniquely yours.


Top 2. Stamina Sorcerer Perfect Storm Build

Easier to play than the Nightblade, this build packs more AoE damage. Crafted sets form the base for damage and address sustain issues. The focus is on simplicity, making it accessible for both new and experienced players.

ESO Endless Archive Perfect Storm Stamina Sorcerer Solo Build



  • Hunding's Rage (Crafted): Solid damage boost.
  • Wretched Vitality (Crafted): Significant stamina and magic recovery.
  • Stormfist (Monster Set): Bonus stamina recovery and damage.



  • Front Bar: Crystal Fragments, Hardened Ward, Camouflaged Hunter, Silver Shards, Barb Trap (Ultimate: Temporal Guard)
  • Back Bar: Razor Caltrops, Carve, Stampede, Critical Surge, Hurricane (Ultimate: Greater Storm Atronach)


Top 3. Stamina Arcanist Crux Cannon Build

Embrace the one-bar simplicity! Stack up three Crux quickly and unleash devastating empowered Pragmatic Fake Carver beams. This glass cannon style build is all about insane damage, but keep an eye on your survival – it's not for the faint-hearted.

ESO Endless Archive Crux Cannon Stamina Arcanist Build



  • Oaxsawl Ring (Mythic): Simplifies and boosts necessary buffs.
  • Deadly Strike (Crafted): Excellent damage output.
  • Slimecraw (Monster Set): Bonus critical chance.



Flail, Pragmatic Fake Carver, Evolving Runeand, Recuperative Treaties, Impervious Rune Ward (Ultimate: Languid Eye)


Experience the raw power of this build as you melt enemies with ease. Manage your shields effectively for survival, and strategic use of the Languid Eye ultimate can quickly burn through tough bosses.


Top 4. Magicka Templar Nova Shield Build

Step into the shoes of a Magicka Templar, perfect for the Endless Archive's challenges. Known for excellent passive healing and potent AoE skills, this build, named Nova Shield, focuses on stacking damage shields for unparalleled survivability.

ESO Endless Archive Nova Shield Magicka Teamplar Build



  • Hexos Ward (Overland): Massive shield with increasing tooltip based on CP.
  • Prayer Shawl (Base Game): Fast cooldown shields triggered by overhealing.
  • Iceheart (Monster Set): Additional shield, critical chance, and AoE damage.



  • Front Bar: Toppling Charge, Radiant Ward, Elemental Drain, Puncturing Sweep, Inner Light (Ultimate: Shooting Star)
  • Back Bar: Elemental Blockade, Ritual of Retribution, Solar Barrage, Channeled Focus, Channeled Acceleration (Ultimate: Solar Disturbance)


Become an unkillable force with constant shields. Utilize the one-bar AoE rotation, pre-casting dots before enemies spawn, and dominate each stage effortlessly.


Top 5. Magicka Sorcerer Infinity Build

Now, for the crown jewel – the Magika Sorcerer with the Infinity build. Lightning staff heavy attacks are the primary damage source, simplified with a one-bar setup. Unleash the power of Sergeant's Mail and Alesian Order for both offense and defense.

ESO Endless Archive Infinity Magicka  Sorcerer Build



  • Sergeant's Mail (Base Game): Heavy attack focus with stackable bonus damage.
  • Alessian Order (Base Game): Health recovery based on total resistance.
  • Oaxsawl Ring (Mythic): Consolidates essential buffs.
  • Iceheart (Monster Set): Extra shield, critical chance, and AoE damage.



Summon Volatile Familiar, Mystic Orb, Harden Ward, Unstable Wall of Elements, Bound Aegis (Ultimate: Storm Atronach)


Master the simplicity of this build – heavy attack enemies into submission while maintaining a powerful defensive setup. With an impressive health recovery, you'll hardly need to cast a heal.


Whether you prefer the blood-soaked elegance of the Magicka Nightblade, the stormy simplicity of the Stamina Sorcerer, the one-bar wonders of the Stamina Archanist, the divine might of the Maga Templar, or the chaotic power of the Magika Sorcerer, these solo builds will take your Endless Archive experience to the next level. Dive into the madness, conquer the dungeons, and emerge victorious with the power of solo play in ESO.

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