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PoE 3.23 League Starter Builds: Is Boneshatter still a Top Pick?

Hey, Path of Exile enthusiasts! Ever scratched your head over why Boneshatter, of all builds, reigns supreme among league starters? We analyzed the Boneshatter Leveling Guide earlier. Today we will discuss the reasons behind its popularity and why it can still become the first build of POE 3.23 Affliction.


PoE 3.23 League Starter Builds: Is Boneshatter still a Top Pick?


The Boneshatter Buzz

Why does Boneshatter, this powerhouse of a build, keep players coming back for more? After a deep dive lasting three action-packed days, here's what we've pieced together:


Melee Magic:

There's something about getting up close and personal in PoE that players just can't get enough of. Boneshatter nails this, offering a tactile, rewarding combat style that feels like every hit is a mini triumph. In a world where mighty melee options are few and far between, Boneshatter is a standout.


The Righteous Fire Vibe:

Much like Righteous Fire die-hard fan base, Boneshatter draws in those hunting for robust builds. It's the darling of hardcore Solo Self Found (SSF) crowd, boasting a level of tankiness and survivability that’s hard to beat.


Boneshatter Pros & Cons

As a build that was out of my comfort zone, Boneshatter was an intriguing challenge. Here's a breakdown:



  • Tankiness: With Juggernaut's armor and elemental damage reduction, Boneshatter provides an almost cozy level of defense. It's a build that says, Relax, we got this, making it a haven for players tired of frequent deaths.
  • Low Investment, High Returns: You don't need to break the bank with Boneshatter. A modest investment yields a build that's ready to tackle t16 maps and 20/40 deliriums.
  • Speedy Mapping: Surprisingly for a melee build, Boneshatter excels in mapping. Its swift attack speed and trauma stack mechanic make clearing maps a breeze.



  • The Melee Dilemma: Melee builds inherently face challenges, like shotgunning from essence monsters and the constraints of being in close quarters with bosses.
  • Button-Heavy: To maximize Boneshatter's potential, you'll be juggling various buffs and managing totems, adding complexity to the gameplay.
  • Weakness to Damage Over Time: The build's Achilles' heel is damage over time and recovery disables, which can quickly turn the tide in tough encounters.


Boneshatter Core Mechanics

Boneshatter's core mechanic revolves around trauma stacks, which amplify your damage at the cost of self-inflicted pain. Managing these stacks is key to mastering the build. The skill's stun-based AOE pulse, which scales with stun duration, adds to its appeal by simplifying clear mechanics.


Boneshatter is a paradox – a build that's both accessible and complex, offering a satisfying melee experience and incredible tankiness. While it may not be the flashiest or the strongest in certain scenarios, its blend of power, survivability, and simplicity makes it a top choice for many Path of Exile players. If you're looking to dive into the melee fray with confidence, Boneshatter might just be the build for you!

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