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Diablo 4 Tear of Blood Glyph Speed Leveling Guide for Abattoir of Zir

This guide will take you through the best strategies to level up your Abattoir Tears of Blood Glyph quickly and clear dungeons more efficiently, regardless of whether you are a veteran or new to Diablo 4.



Experience Gains in Different Tiers

Firstly, understanding the experience gains in various tiers is crucial.

As you progress, the experience gain increases significantly.

This exponential increase underscores the importance of aiming for higher-tier dungeons as soon as you're able.


Tier Experience Gain for Glyph
Tier 5 1,800
Tier 8 2,900
Tier 10 3,900


Dungeon Clearing Strategies

The process of clearing higher-level dungeons is more efficient. If you want to clear a tier five dungeon, it may take 5-7 minutes, but only 7-10 minutes for a tier ten dungeon, with more experience rewards. Remember, survival is key; if you die, you fail the dungeon. The potential reward must always be balanced against the risk.


Boss Battles and Shard Utilization

During boss battles, make sure you save at least one power shard and use it to boost damage, especially against the tougher three-boss vampires. Focus on destroying one elite at a time. This tactic is crucial for surviving and clearing higher-tier dungeons.


Equipment tips

If you equip amulets and boots that increase shard buff duration, you will have the power buffs available when needed, especially against elites.


Enhancing the strength

As well as leveling your glyph, you should enhance your character by consuming Iron Skin Elixir and incense.

In the event that you are having difficulty surviving, you should consider crafting resistance potions and armor enchantments.


Build optimization

Choose a build which emphasizes survivability over damage.

For example, a tankier build may deal less damage, but it can be more sustainable, reducing potion usage and improving dungeon success rates.

I will demonstrate builds such as the immortal barbarian for higher-tier dungeons in future content.


Avoiding Specific Monster Effects

When clearing the area, be careful of monsters with empathic effects, as they heal rapidly, making them time-consuming and difficult to defeat.

Prioritize these monsters as the last on your list, and maintain them as high priority as possible.



When leveling up your glyph and clearing dungeons efficiently, it is important to balance risk and reward, use shards strategically, and choose the appropriate build and equipment.

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