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PoE 3.23 Detonate Dead Elementalist Build: League Start Essentials

Hey there, fellow Exiles! Exile here, and today we're diving back into the fiery world of Detonate Dead (DD) ignite. We will to update you on the tweaks and tricks for the DD Ignite Elementalist build in the 3.23 Affliction league. So let's ignite our way through the league with some expert tips and insights!



PoE 3.23 Detonate Dead Elementalist Build: League Start Essentials


Detonate Dead Advantage

Detonate Dead, a.k.a. DD, has been ruling the roost as one of the best starter builds out there. With recent nerfs to other favorites, DD is your go-to choice in 3.23. It's a budget beast with top-notch clear speeds, perfect for tackling Essences and Ultimatums. Boss fights? You bet – though they demand a bit more finesse.


What's New in 3.23?

Good news – our trusty DD build hasn't seen much overhaul in 3.23. The new ascendancies aren't turning many heads for DD players, so you'll probably stick to what works best. However, keep your eyes peeled for any sneaky updates from GGG, especially regarding corpse HP values that could potentially boost your explosive potential.


Spectre Selection

Nailing the right spectre is crucial for your DD ignite build. Here's where to find your undead allies:

  • Katava Herald in Act 10: Go fishing in the Ravaged Square's canals with Desecrate until you snag this fiery friend.
  • Auric Champion in Solaris Temple: A bit of a treasure hunt, but those shiny statues are worth the effort.

Once you've got your spectre, it's smooth sailing.



Boss battles are a mix of Desecrate and DD, not necessarily in that order. Hit the high HP Spectre corpse, set a grand ignite, and keep that flame alive. Arcanist Brand is your best buddy for maintaining curses and refreshes. As for mapping? Just Desecrate and DD your way through with ease.


PoE 3.23 Detonate Dead Elementalist Build Skill Tree and Gear Up


Early Mapping Insights

Even with basic gear, a level 90 character can make short work of T16 maps in about 8 hours into the league. Ideally, aim for a level 20 Desecrate, but you can still pull off some nifty moves with a lower level.


Path of Building (PoB) Changes

The PoB ( for 3.23 is pretty stable, with standard pathing and a switch to DD upon acquiring VA Detonate Dead. For newcomers mapping out their journey, consider an armor ES chest to manage your mana for divine blessings. The PoB outlines gear paths for various stages, from the first maps to the ultimate late-game gear.


Softcore Strategy

For the softcore crowd eyeing more DPS, try trading Bastion of Elements for Shaper of Storms. Mix it with Polaric Devastation and The Black Star ring, plus Replica Emberwake, for a noticeable boost in damage output. It's a glass-cannon approach, but the results can be explosive.


Detonate Dead continues to be a blast for 3.23. Stay alert for any hidden updates, but most importantly, enjoy the thrill of DD's fiery dance. Whether you stick with DD or later pivot to builds like Malevolence or Fire Trap, it's an excellent starting point for Affliction League.

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