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[PoE 3.23] Top 3 Deadeye Best League Starters: Tornado Shot, Lightning Arrow, & Ice Shot

Hey there, fellow Exiles! Welcome to the world of Deadeye. Are you ready to dive into the best Deadeye builds for PoE 3.23? Today we'll analyze Deadeye's top three hottest picks at Affliction League Starter. The classic Tornado Shot, the electrifying Lightning Arrow, or the chill vibes of Ice Shot, They are will make your league start a breeze.


[PoE 3.23] Top 3 Deadeye Best League Starters: Tornado Shot, Lightning Arrow, & Ice Shot


1. Tornado Shot Deadeye (League Starter)

First, We dive into the thrilling world of Tornado Shot Deadeye, this deadeye build is perfect for those who love fast-paced, stylish combat with a rain of arrows. This build is a blend of style, speed, and excitement. 


PoE 3.23 Tornado Shot Deadeye League Starter Builds Passive Tree and Gear Up


Core Features:

  • Main Skill: Tornado Shot - excels in firing multiple, fast projectiles for chaotic fun.
  • Playstyle: Simple yet lethal, like an arrow dance. Just one button for all-out attack. Tip: Aim behind bosses to maximize impact.
  • Budgeting: Starts off budget-friendly, but investing more leads to greater rewards.


Pros and Cons:

  • Rapid Clearing: Swiftly clears maps.
  • Accessible Gear: Easy to find gear, though potentially costly.
  • Scalability: Improves and grows stronger over time.
  • Investment Required: Higher levels may be expensive.
  • Performance: Might challenge lower-end PCs.
  • Not for Tanks: Less suited for direct combat.


Ascendancy Choices:

  • Gathering Winds: For increased Tailwind effect.
  • Ricochet: Arrows bounce for greater area coverage.
  • Endless Munitions: Adds more arrows to the fray.
  • Focal Point or Far Shot: Depending on whether you prefer boss fights or map clearing.


Building Your Character:

  • Skill Tree Focus: Emphasize life, critical strikes, projectile boosts, and spell suppression.
  • Jewels and Tattoos: Pick the right mix to enhance your archer abilities.
  • Gear Up: Look for high DPS bows, complementing quivers, and gear that supports life, regeneration, and resistance.
  • Flasks: Opt for those enhancing speed, evasion, and critical strikes.


PoB Link:


2. Lightning Arrow Deadeye (League Starter)

Second, We've dive Lightning Arrow Deadeye,  perfect for those seeking speed and flair. This build is all about quick gameplay, great for clearing maps with style.


PoE 3.23 Lightning Arrow Deadeye League Starter Build Passive Tree and Gear Up



  • Playstyle: Fast, high-damage, and stylish, ideal for quick map clears.
  • Defense: Focuses on evasion and spell suppression for safety.
  • Pros and Cons: Offers fast leveling and map clearing, but struggles against bosses. High-end gear can be costly.


Gear and Progression:

  • Starting Gear: Basic three-link setups, movement speed boots, iron rings, rustic sashes.
  • Leveling: Start with Galvanic Arrow, add Mirage Archer and Pierce support, then move to Rain of Arrows with Blood Rage and Herald of Thunder.
  • Ascendancy: Choose Gathering Winds, Fast and Deadly, Far Shot, and Endless Munitions.


Building Your Character:

  • Offense: Stack elemental damage, attack speed, and accuracy; focus on critical strikes mid-game.
  • Defense: Aim for evasion and spell suppression, with ailment immunity.
  • Auras: Anger or Haste, plus Precision, enhance damage and accuracy.


Endgame Strategy:

  • Gear Goals: Seek +2 Arrow bows and +1 Arrow quivers.
  • Skill Gems: Use Lightning Arrow, Mirage Archer, Added Cold Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, etc.
  • Survival Skills: Prioritize Life Leech and Gain on Hit.
  • Passive Tree: Focus on life, evasion, damage, critical strikes, projectile speed, and extra arrows.


Mastery Tips:

  • Adaptability: Continuously tweak your gear and skills.
  • Upgrade Regularly: Keep looking for better gear, especially bows and quivers.
  • Community Connection: Stay in touch with the PoE community for tips and strategies.


PoB Link:


3. Ice Shot Deadeye (League Starter)

Last, We get ready for the Ice Shot Deadeye build, a perfect blend of swift attacks and icy control. This build excels in rapid gameplay and freezing enemies effectively.


PoE 3.23 Ice Shot Deadeye League Starter Build Passive Tree and Gear Up



  • Core Mechanics: High critical strikes and rapid attacks, freezing targets with a 90% crit chance and Mana Forged Arrows.
  • Gameplay: Fast-paced, dominating maps and league mechanics, boosted by Onslaught and speed buffs.
  • Defense: Focuses on evasion and spell suppression, with Grace aura for extra safety.
  • League Adaptability: Suitable for both standard and Solo Self-Found play, thanks to budget-friendly gear.


Building Your Character:

  • Weapons: Opt for rare bows with physical and cold damage, and attack speed. Start with the Rustic Sash recipe for a power boost.
  • Gems: Begin with Ice Shot and Barrage, adding Sniper’s Mark for boss fights.
  • Passives: Focus on Precise Technique Keystone initially, then adjust as your crit chance grows.
  • Ascendancy: Start with Gathering Winds, add Ricochet and Endless Munitions, and choose Focal Point at level 90.
  • Pantheon and Bandits: Go for Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Abberath; side with Alira for balance.


Gear and Skills:

  • Bow and Quiver: Seek flat physical and cold damage with crit multi and attack speed.
  • Helmet and Armor: Affordable uniques or rares with mana reservation efficiency and physical-to-elemental damage conversion. Hyrri's Ire or a rare armor with life and chaos resistance works well.
  • Additional Gear: Focus on life, attack speed, and resistances in gloves, boots, and rings. Craft “cannot be Frozen” on boots.
  • Amulet and Jewels: Use Hyrri's Truth, anointed with Sovereignty or Charisma. Darkness Enthroned for the belt and crit multi on other Jewels.



  • Map Mods: Be wary of mods that weaken your build; handle most others confidently.
  • Skill Gems: Use Vaal Ice Shot with Hypothermia, Bone Chill, Inspiration, and other cold damage gems. Include Ice Shot with Focused Ballista and Mana Forged Arrows, and defense gems like Steel Skin, Grace, Hatred, and Precision.


PoB Link:


Whether you're spinning up a storm with Tornado Shot, zapping through maps with Lightning Arrow, or chilling foes with Ice Shot, these Deadeye builds are your ticket to a thrilling league start in PoE 3.23. Gear up, plan your path, and get ready to dominate Wraeclast with style, speed, and a whole lot of firepower!

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