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Old School RuneScape Best Niche Items Uses and Secrets Guides

With our guide to niche Old School RuneScape items, you'll discover the hidden gems. Learn about their unique uses and how you can improve your gaming experience. With tips and tricks for both novice and veteran players, we've got you covered.



Bone Dagger

Bone Dagger, not just an attack tool! Purchase for 2K OSRS gold, after Death to the Dorgeshuun, it gains a special attack.

Using 75% special energy, it's like the Bandos Godsword, reducing defense as per damage dealt.

However, it doesn't miss, as long as the defense hasn't been lowered beforehand. Ideal for high-level content like TOA, where defense reduction is capped. 


Menaphite Remedy

This concoction restores stats over 5 minutes, making it ideal for offsetting stat drops from potions like the Saradomin brew.

Even though it negates Divine potion effects, it's a great budget booster.

Pre-pot with super combat or imbued heart, and a single Menaphite dose during raid keeps your stats up.


Ancient Mace

Prayer source for Ironmans? The Ancient Mace restores prayer points according to damage dealt, even exceeding your maximum.

If you use the mace against a dummy before starting Slayer tasks or Inferno, you'll get up to 137 points in prayer.

It's a game-changer for prayer management.


Silver Jewelry

There are unique benefits to silver jewelry made with opal, jade, and topaz.

Jade bracelets speed Shades of Mort'ton, while necklaces speed Up Outposts. In potion-making, the Amulet of Chemistry increases your yield.

Opal jewelry, such as the Expeditious Bracelet, speeds up Slayer tasks, while the Dodgy Necklace speeds up pickpocketing.

Using Topaz jewelry provides convenient Wilderness teleports.


Strange Fruit

For early game Ironmen, those strange fruits from random events are useful.

In addition to restoring 30% run energy, they also cure poison and venom, making them vital for tackling Zulrah.


Preserve Prayer

The Torn Prayer Scroll unleashes a prayer that extends stat boosts by 50%; its low prayer point cost makes it ideal for potions being used during activities such as Slayer, The Inferno, or Skilling.


Slayer Ring

Slayer Rings are also vital wilderness escape tools.

Ironmen can use them to teleport to level 30 Wilderness when Dragonstone jewelry or C pods are not available.


Venator Bow

These bows have found a niche in Slayer tasks and bosses such as Whisperer and Grotesque Guardians, where their unique mechanics allow you to be more relaxed.


Ash Sanctifier

It is an upgrade for Ironmen and those seeking passive prayer training. Pair it with the Ectoplasmator to turn more activities into prayer XP.


Soul bearer

An easy mini-quest gives you Soul Bearer, which enables you to bank ensouled heads, saving inventory space and gaining prayer experience.


Bonus Tip: Watering can in Chambers

In Chambers of Xeric, a watering can can be used to escape flame walls without using water. It's a little-known trick, but it can make a big difference in raids.

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